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Celebrity Trainer: “Muscle Loss in Seniors is Real, But It Doesn’t Have to Be”

Nobody likes getting older. One of the biggest reasons why is because our muscles become weaker, making the activities we used to enjoy more difficult to do…and less enjoyable.

But what if you didn’t have to get weaker as you got older? What if you could actually become stronger?

Celebrity fitness trainer Tony Horton says he’s found a way to turn the impossible into a reality – his reality, which he is now using to help thousands of Americans remain healthy and active as they hit middle age and beyond.

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Billy Horschel is now tied for first in the British Open after shooting four under par in round three to match Shane Lowry atop the leaderboard. (More)

Rafael Nadal has reached his first final since 2022 after defeating Duje Ajdukovic 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 in the Nordea Open yesterday. Nadal skipped Wimbledon to avoid switching from a clay playing surface to grass. (More)

Si Woo Kim sunk the longest hole-in-one in British Open history on Saturday. Kim’s 238-yard ace beat the previous record by 26 yards. (See shot)

Japanese gymnastics star Shoko Miyata has been barred from the 2024 Paris Olympics for drinking and smoking. Miyata was a silver medalist in the 2022 World Championships and hoped to help bring Japan its first Olympic gymnastics medal since 1964. (More)

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Bud Light fell to No. 3 in U.S. beer dollar sales behind Modelo Especial and Michelob Ultra as it continues to battle a decline that began in April, 2023, after a controversial promotion with a transgender influencer. (More)

Netflix reported that its ad-supported memberships rose 34% compared to a year ago, and its global paid membership rose 16.5% year-over-year to 278 million members. (More)

Corporate bookings at pickleball clubs surged in June, as the sport begins to take the place of golf for many professionals looking to network without the cost and frustration that a golf round can entail. (See Details)

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#1: A blood-stained emergency room doctor tells of his effort to save a gunshot victim at the Trump rally last week. (See Video)

#2: A live “RattleCam” offers a round-the-clock view of a “mega” rattlesnake den in Northern Colorado. (See Webcam

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“It’s actually a lot simpler than you might think,” Horton, who is 65, told us. “It’s a method anyone can do that takes about one or two minutes a day. And within a very short period of time, you’re going to feel stronger, and probably healthier, than you have in years.

Health experts have long believed age-related muscle loss is simply an inevitable aspect of getting older, with the only way to slow it down being to increase dietary protein and do more exercise.

But Tony Horton says he’s found a much more effective way to fight age-related muscle loss – and even build new muscle – that has nothing to do with exercise.

In fact, the results have been so remarkable, Horton is now the subject of a short documentary detailing exactly how his body-strengthening method works. It is online and free for the public to view and share.

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Quick Hits

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) died on Friday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Lee, 74, began serving in the House in 1995 and was known for her support of civil rights legislation. (More)

➤ A new map shows the proposed route of a new 17,000-mile national high-speed rail network across the United States. (See Map)

Long-Form: The cult of 5 a.m.: Is rising at dawn the secret of health and happiness? Not necessarily. (See Story)

➤ For 100 years, Wisconsin teenagers have skipped typical summer jobs to leap off a moving boat to deliver mail and conduct historic tours on Lake Geneva. (See Video)

A marathon “ultra swimmer” says the secret to hard challenges is learning “to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.” (See His Story)

A Scots gardener trims unruly hedges into works inspired by Moby Dick, animals and even himself. (See Photos)

Some photos really stand out. Here are 25 striking, strange, or historic photos that may surprise you. (See Photos)

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