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“Flyover Country.” We all know the term: It historically had a negative connotation dating back to the 80s, used to describe U.S. states not on the coast like New York and California. But, for tens of millions of Americans, Flyover Country is a badge of honor—it is for us too. We know firsthand that people in Flyover Country are good, traditional Americans—populists at heart, anti-elitists who love their country.

We also know that everyday Americans in Flyover Country are avid news readers. They want to consume relevant content, rather than being subjected to corporate media bias. People don’t need their news to come with political agendas; they just need the news. That’s why we’re here…

The Flyover Quote
“God made those flyover states.”
—Jason Aldean.
The Flyover Country

Why Us

We aren't the media elites; we are normal people just like you.

The Flyover is the best Newsletter for everyday Americans who feel left behind by the current media landscape. Americans looking to gather the facts of the most important and interesting stories of the day will find themselves at home reading The Flyover.

We aren’t the media elites; we are normal people just like you. We created The Flyover to be a terminal for smart, engaged people who want to know what is going on in the county and don’t have time to peruse a long list of websites, watch hours of agenda driven cable news and don’t need to be told how to think. We bring you the news, every weekday morning without the bias, so you can stay informed.

Politics. Sports. Business. Science & Tech. Etc. The Flyover puts it all in a single email every weekday—comprehensive but condensed, first-class but easy to read. When the mainstream media gets a story right (without an agenda), we will share it with you—whether it comes from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, or somewhere else. Otherwise, we will ignore it, so you can too.

That’s how The Flyover works. Our newsletter is your ticket to the real 10,000-foot view of America. Welcome aboard. Enjoy the flight.

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