Friday, May 3, 2024


 Thirty-four GOP senators, led by Sens. Mitch McConnell and Joni Ernst, protested a potential proposal by the White House to accept Palestinian refugees from Gaza, calling the move a national security risk. (More

➤ President Biden called Japan “xenophobic” at a fundraiser Wednesday, saying the long-time U.S. ally, along with China and Russia, have weaker economies due to a lack of immigration. (More

➤ The U.S. has accused Russia of violating international law by using chloropicrin, an illegal chemical choking agent, against Ukrainian troops. The Kremlin called the accusations “baseless”. (More)  

➤ Actress Halle Berry joined a bipartisan group of senators Thursday to announce new legislation to promote menopause research, training, and education. (More)

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➤ Former MLB outfielder and World Series champion Jayson Werth can become a Kentucky Derby-winning owner Saturday as part owner of the 20-1 thoroughbred Dornoch. (More)  

➤ USGA officials said they would welcome the already exempt LIV players to the upcoming U.S. Open at Pinehurst and encouraged other LIV players to try and qualify for a spot. (More

Boxer Ryan Garcia denied using performance-enhancing drugs prior to his April 20 upset victory over Devin Haney. Officials claim Garcia tested positive the day prior as well as the day of the fight. (More)

The New York Mets sold a record 44,269 hot dogs Wednesday, as $1 Hot Dog Night featured a reporter in a hot dog costume and a group calling themselves the “$1 Wiener Boys.” (See Video

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Trend LineMarket Report   05/02/2024

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Carvana Co.

➤ Big Stock Move: Carvana stock jumped more than 33% Thursday on news the used car retailer reported $49 million in net income for the first quarter, a record for the company. (More

➤ Shares in Warner Bros. Discovery were trading at an all-time low this week as the media company fights to retain broadcasting rights to the NBA and shore up investor confidence. (More)  

➤ Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy resigned Thursday, the same day the fitness equipment maker announced it was cutting jobs and missed its quarterly revenue forecast. (More)  

➤ Unsealed court documents in the federal antitrust case against Google revealed the technology giant paid Apple $20 billion in 2022 to be the default search engine in the Safari web browser. (More

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Science & Technology

The European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter captured a rare video of the one-million-degree fine structures of the Sun’s roiling corona during last month’s solar eclipse. (See Video) 

The Mars rover Curiosity found a high amount of manganese, a vital chemical for the human body and commonly found in lakes, leading scientists to speculate that ancient Mars may have been similar to Earth. (More)  

Researchers have found an underwater sinkhole in Mexico’s Chetumal Bay, measuring at least 1,378 feet deep with no bottom yet found. They say it’s the deepest blue hole in the world. (More)  

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Feel Good Friday

A group of good Samaritans was caught on camera rushing to help a driver trapped in a burning car. Rescue workers saved the man with seconds to spare. (See Video)

A tuxedo-clad golden retriever named Pancakes stole the show as the slightly distracted ringbearer at his owner’s wedding. (See Video)

➤ Two Connecticut barbers were hailed as heroes after saving a toddler who was running toward traffic on a busy intersection. Video shows the two men racing out of their shop to stop the child. (See Video)

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Et Cetera

A 165-mph tornado scooped up a pair of brothers in Nebraska last week, destroying their home while leaving one buried alive in a pile of rubble and the other bleeding and disoriented. (See Photos)  

A GoFundMe page raised over $460,000 to reward the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at UNC for protecting the American flag from “the unwashed Marxist horde” of anti-Israel protestors. (More)  

Wally, an “emotional support” alligator popular on social media, is believed to have been stolen from an outdoor enclosure in Georgia last month, leaving his owner distraught. (See Photo) 

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 “It’s despicable that schools would allow another country’s flag to fly in our country.”

New York Mayor Eric Adams on students flying a Palestinian flag from a Columbia University building.

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