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A jury ruled that former NRA chief Wayne LaPierre mismanaged funds and cost the gun rights group over $5 million dollars with lavish spending. Jurors decided that LaPierre must pay back over $4.3 million. (More)

A Gallup poll recorded President Biden’s approval at 38%. Voters registered concerns over the administration’s handling of the wars in the Ukraine and Gaza, immigration, and the economy. (More

New Orleans magician Paul Carpenter has claimed credit for the fake audio of President Biden sent to New Hampshire voters in January. He was paid $150 by a Democratic campaign. (More

➤ President Biden criticized the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision that frozen embryos are children, calling it “outrageous and unacceptable.” (More

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➤ The NFL set the 2024 salary cap at $255.4 million per club, an unprecedented $30 million increase over last year. The new cap was juiced by money deferred during the Covid pandemic and a recent bump in media revenue. (More

➤ Some MLB players aren’t happy with their tight-fitting, see-through uniforms designed by Nike. “I know everyone hates them,” said Phillies shortstop Trea Turner. (See Photos

➤ The 16th-ranked Indiana Hoosiers held Iowa’s Caitlin Clark to 24 points, nine below her season average, in an upset victory over the No. 4 Hawkeyes. (More

Former Alabama football coach Nick Saban expressed concern in an interview about the state of college football, and he says he wants to be a voice of reform. “The word ‘student-athlete.’ That doesn’t exist.” Saban said. (More

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Nick Saban thinks that Name, Image, and Likeness compensation is hurting college sports, and he’s not the only big name talking about it. NIL Wire is a newsletter designed to keep you informed on the new world of college sports, and you can sign up here with one click

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Ladies and Gentlemen: our most-clicked stories of the week. Enjoy!

➤ The old adage about the price of real estate and location remains true, according to American Home Shield’s recent list of the most and least expensive homes in America. (See List

 Prompted by a 1935 contest by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Waldo Waterman constructed the first true flying car in America, the Arrowbile. (See Photos

➤ A decommissioned European satellite resembling a “Tie-Fighter” from Star Wars was recorded nearing the Earth’s atmosphere. (See Photos

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Thursday’s nationwide cell phone outage was not the result of a cyberattack, according to AT&T’s initial investigation. (More

Advanced forensic DNA techniques helped Portland, Oregon police identify the remains of Sandra Young, a woman missing since the late 1960s. (More) 

In a forgettable game where he went 0-4 at the plate, LSU designated hitter Hayden Travinski will be remembered for using a bat wrapped to resemble a giant No. 2 pencil. (See Photo

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If you’ve got a little extra jelly around your belly, it’s no laughing matter… Doctors are now calling this specific type of fat (formally known as visceral fat) “death fat.” Unlike other types of fat, a surprising medical study linked this “death fat” directly to your blood sugar levels…  (Learn More)

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“As long as I’m wearing a uniform, I really don’t care.”

— Los Angeles Dodgers star Mookie Betts on the controversy over the new Nike-designed uniforms.

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