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Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell announced on Tuesday that he will attend a meeting with former President Trump and the Senate GOP conference this week. It will be the two leaders’ first meeting in person since 2020. (More)  

Four Connecticut campaign workers, including a Democratic Party official, were charged on Tuesday with unlawful possession of absentee ballots and other election law violations in a 2019 mayoral primary. (More

The NAACP filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday, alleging that the Shenandoah County School Board created a discriminatory environment by reinstating the names of Confederate leaders in two public schools. (More)

 Climate activists dressed in orca costumes were arrested Tuesday morning while blocking the entrance to Citigroup’s headquarters in Lower Manhattan. (See Video

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Toxic overload can cause a number of nightmarish changes in your body.

In the early stages, your body tries to expel those toxins by any means necessary.

You may experience…

  • Intense bloating (leading to a pregnant-looking belly)
  • Stinky farts
  • Occasional diarrhea
  • Excessive urination
  • Sore throat
  • Occasional heartburn or indigestion
  • Mucus overproduction

Many people notice changes to their body odor or excessively oily skin, as well, since their bodies are acting to purge those toxins through their pores.

As the toxins gradually accumulate in your system, you may also find impairment to some of your faculties…

Most people experience fatigue, memory difficulties, sleep impairment, eczema (and other inflammatory conditions like gout), joint pain, unexplained weight gain, depression, or “brain fog.”

Even worse, certain toxins can disrupt the very hormones that control our metabolism…

This class of toxins are known as endocrine disruptors.

The most common endocrine disruptors can be found in our everyday hygiene products, detergents, tupperware and so on…

Gone unchecked, endocrine disruptors can “turn off” the hormones that control metabolic function.

Ultimately making it impossible to lose weight – no matter how strict your diet is or how much you exercise.

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➤ The Florida Panthers’ defense shut down the Edmonton Oilers’ offense on Monday, clinching a 4-1 victory and a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Finals. (More

➤ San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey was announced as the cover athlete for Madden NFL 25 on Tuesday, marking the first time since 2013 that a running back was featured on the cover of the EA Sports game. (More)  

➤ Seattle catcher Cal Raleigh hit a walk-off grand slam on Monday, helping the Mariners overcome a four-run deficit and beat the Chicago White Sox 8-4. (See Video)

➤ Joey Chestnut, a 16-time winner of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition, was barred from competing in this year’s annual July 4th event after signing a contract to represent a plant-based frankfurter. (More)  

➤ Yesterday’s results: MLB | WNBA 


Trend Line Daily Market Report   06/11/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Per Ounce
Target Hospitality Corp.

Big Stock Move: Target Hospitality stock fell 31% Tuesday after key client CoreCivic, a prison operator, had one of its prison facilities terminated by the U.S. immigration service. (See Details) 

➤ Apple’s stock price jumped 5% to a record high of about $203 per share on Tuesday after the company announced its venture into AI during Monday’s developers conference. (More) 

Paramount ended talks with media conglomerate Skydance just days after the two companies had reportedly agreed on a merger deal. The company has promised to cut $500 million from its budget as it continues to seek a partner. (More)

The main shipping channel to Baltimore reopened Monday after being closed since March, when a cargo ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse. (See Photos) 

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Embarrassing gas, stinky farts, and constipation are all signs of high levels of toxicity in your gut. 

And they say the only way to remove these toxins safely is to pass them through your stool. 

Luckily scientists discovered an odd “coconut trick” that soaks up toxins in your body and binds them together – allowing you to easily poop them out. 

So you can wake up without a big bulging belly, gas, or constipation.

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Science & Technology

Two Harvard scientists published a paper suggesting that many UFO sightings could be attributed to an underground, technologically advanced civilization that has been hiding beneath the Earth’s surface, dubbing them “cryptoterrestrials.” (See Details) 

NASA astronauts will embark on a 6.5-hour spacewalk during their stay at the International Space Station to collect samples of highly resilient microorganisms from the station’s exterior. (More) 

Astronomers from Arizona have captured stunning images of Jupiter’s moon Io in the highest-resolution photos ever taken by a ground-based telescope. (See Images)

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Who would’ve thought that something SO easy, like putting this strong spice under your tongue for a couple of minutes could make that excruciating ear-ringing stop almost overnight… While also improving your brain capacity and memory! This page explains everything in simple steps.
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Wisdom Wednesday

 Social scientist Arthur Brooks teaches a happiness course and recommends people strive not for happiness but for “happierness.” He identifies three key “macronutrients” for greater happiness. (See List)

➤ A psychologist says there are three questions people can ask themselves to determine if they’re still in love with their intimate partner. (See Questions

 Interviews with centenarians conducted over the past 20 years indicate that some of the keys to living past 100 include a life of tranquility, moderate climates, and living in waterfront communities. (More)

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If you have clingy belly fat…Blame these 3 “healthy” breakfast foods. Instead of helping you shed unwanted pounds, they can act like glue and ATTRACT STICKY FAT. What I’m about to show you isn’t for the faint-hearted…But you need to see the truth. WATCH: M.D. Says “Stop Eating These 3 Foods – They’re Like Super Glue for Fat” 

Et Cetera

A loyal dog ran four miles through the wilderness to find its owner’s family and lead them back to save its owner, who had crashed into a ravine and had to be rescued by helicopter. (See Photos)

 A small Japanese fishing village is home to an underwater mailbox inviting divers to place water-resistant postcards in the drop box 33 feet below the surface. (See Video

 A South Carolina sheriff praised a true crime podcast on Monday, stating that the show’s report on a 1975 cold case led to the identification of an unknown victim of a homicide. (More)

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“No one in this country is above the law.” 

David Weiss, U.S. Attorney who successfully prosecuted Hunter Biden’s gun violation case.

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