Wednesday, September 27th, 2023


A judge ruled Tuesday that Donald Trump was liable for overvaluing his real estate assets and exaggerating his net worth. The ruling came as part of an ongoing civil lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James. (More)

Hunter Biden filed another lawsuit, this time suing Rudy Giuliani and Giuliani’s lawyer for violating his privacy by revealing the data found on his abandoned laptop. He called it a “total annihilation” of his digital privacy. (More)

The House Oversight Committee is investigating a recent trip by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. A family accused Granholm’s staff of deliberately blocking a vehicle charging station so she could use it — and they couldn’t (More)

➤ Mayor Max III, the dapper golden retriever elected mayor of unincorporated Idyllwild, CA, celebrated his first anniversary in office. His chief of staff (and owner) says he’s the only politician who can close his mouth on command. (See Photos)

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The powerful probiotic Halle Berry swears by

Meet Akkermansia, one of the most powerful probiotics you may have never heard of. As award-winning actor Halle Berry says, “Akkermansia will change your life because it will change your gut.” Halle reached out to Pendulum–the company that makes Akkermansia–after experiencing impressive results taking their probiotics. She’s such a believer in the product that she joined the company as their chief communications officer.

Akkermansia is a next-generation, keystone strain for gut health that’s been backed by a staggering 3,000 scientific publications. Known for its ability to strengthen the gut lining and reduce gut permeability based on in vitro studies, this is one probiotic you want to know about.

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Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce saw a nearly 400% spike in jersey sales after his linkup with Taylor Swift. Thanks to Swift’s enormous fame, Kelce is now one of the top 5-selling NFL players. (More)

Philadelphia Phillies rookie pitcher Orion Kerkering threw his first major-league strikeout in front of his dad, who was overcome with emotion in the stands. (See Video)

➤ The Cincinnati Bengals snapped their losing streak, beating the Los Angeles Rams 19-16 on Monday Night Football. In the second MNF game, the Philadelphia Eagles easily beat the Tampa Bay Bucs 25-11. (More)


Trend LineMarket Report   9/26/23

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Immunovant, Inc.

Big Stock Move:  Immunovant shares nearly doubled Tuesday, soaring 97%, after early-stage data from its experimental antibody treatment beat analysts’ expectations. (More)

Consumer confidence sank to a four-month low in September, weighed down by higher prices and interest rates. It’s the second straight monthly decline in confidence reported by the Conference Board. (More)

The Federal Trade Commission filed an antitrust suit against Amazon, claiming the giant retail site is an illegal monopoly that limits consumer choice and blocks sellers from selling at lower prices elsewhere. (More)

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The gut-immune system link: what you need to know

Did you know that over 70% of your immune system is located in your gut? It’s true, immune cells in the gut directly interact with the bacteria in your microbiome, suggesting a correlation between gut health and the ability to ward off sickness.

Our favorite gut health guardian? Akkermansia muciniphila, now available as a daily probiotic, available exclusively from Pendulum.

Strengthen your gut lining and improve your gut health with 20% off your first month of Pendulum membership with code FLYOVER20. Because it takes guts to get healthy–literally.

Science & Technology

The Copyright Office ruled that an award-winning picture created by artificial intelligence can’t be copyrighted. The office rejected the artist’s request to protect his AI-generated fantasy image. (See Image)

 Deep-sea archaeologists released never-before-seen images of wrecked ships from the Battle of Midway in WWII. The wrecks sit 16,000 feet below the surface, undisturbed since the battle in June of 1942. (See Images)

➤ An increase in solar activity could lead to the greatest display of the Northern Lights in 20 years, including in states that don’t normally see the magnetic light show. Scientists say it will peak over the next 18 months. (More)

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Where were you when Amazon acquired Ring for $1B? Or when Google bought Nest for a cool $3.2B? Hopefully, you were invested in those promising startups. But for those that missed out, the next groundbreaking Smart Home innovation has arrived 一 RYSE.

Their automated window shade tech is mere weeks away from launching in Best Buy stores. They’ve also just launched a new investment round and their share price has already grown 25% from their last round!

Take part in this exclusive public offering here before RYSE is a household name.

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Wisdom Wednesday

Pearl Taylor, a 102-year-old woman, appears in her granddaughter’s TikTok posts to discuss her advice on aging, which includes a natural diet, gentle exercise, and some surprises. (See Her Advice)

➤ Wisdom can come from anywhere, and that includes your favorite movies. Forbes has compiled 15 pieces of great life advice pulled from movie dialogue. (See List)

➤ An American Psychiatric Association survey shows that people who engage in creative activities rate their mental health as very good, with less anxiety and stress. Listening to music was the top-ranked activity. (See Activity List)

Et Cetera

Two ticket stubs from Ford’s Theater on the night of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination sold at auction for $262,500. Only one other ticket stub from that fateful night at the theater is known to exist. (See Photo)

Pandas are adorable, but no one ever called them particularly graceful. Sometimes they have trouble even sitting in a chair. (See Video)

➤ A skydiver in England made a magical landing from the sky directly onto an inflatable unicorn. The event was part of a skydiving competition open only to people who had done at least 200 jumps. (See Video)

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Quote “He has around 3,000 ties. He ate three of them during his first month in office.

Phyllis Mueller, chief of staff (and owner) of Mayor Max III, canine mayor of Idyllwild, CA.

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