Friday, February 2, 2024


➤ The House overwhelmingly approved a $78 billion bipartisan package of tax breaks for businesses and low-income families. The bill passed 357-70, and now it must get through the Senate. (More)

➤ The Trump campaign paid more than $50 million in legal fees last year while defending against dozens of state and federal charges. The money went to an array of lawyers and law firms. (More)

Nikki Haley trails Donald Trump in her home state of South Carolina by 26 points, according to a new Monmouth University poll. Haley is polling 32%: Trump is at 58%. (More)

 Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’s sending up to 1,000 Florida National Guard members to Texas. The troops will help place razor wire along the southern border to block what Texas calls an “ongoing invasion.” (More)

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Iowa’s Caitlin Clark moved into second place on the NCAA women’s basketball all-time scoring list Wednesday, scoring 35 points in a win over Northwestern. She needs 104 more to beat the record. (See Video)

Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1’s winningest driver and a 7-time champion, has signed a multi-year contract with Ferrari to begin in 2025. Hamilton is in the final year of his contract with Mercedes. (More)

 The Washington Commanders hired Dan Quinn as head coach, taking him away from divisional rival Dallas Cowboys. Quinn served three seasons as the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator. (More)

Jimmie Jonhson will pay tribute to Richard Petty at the Daytona 500 by painting his car to resemble Petty’s legendary No. 43 Petty Blue Plymouth. (See Image).


Trend LineMarket Report   2/1/24

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S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Nextracker Inc.

➤ Big Stock Move: Nextracker stock jumped 25% Thursday after the solar mounting and tracking company reported a record third quarter, well ahead of estimates. (More

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he’ll hold a shareholder vote to approve the company moving its state of incorporation to Texas after a Delaware judge voided his $56 billion pay package. (More)

Layoffs rose 136% in January, and new hires fell to their lowest level since January of 2009, according to a new report. (More)

Speaking of layoffs, PayPal announced it’s shedding 2,500 employees, or 9% of its workforce. The cut comes almost about a year after the company fired 2,000 other workers to cut costs. (More)

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Science & Technology

An asteroid as big as a skyscraper will fly relatively close to the Earth today, but it should miss us by 1.7 million miles. That’s seven times the distance of Earth to the moon. (See Image)

The James Webb Space Telescope has transformed our view of the universe over the past two years with its incredible space images. Here’s a collection of 18 of its most stunning photos. (See Images)

Scientists have discovered neurons in the human brain that enable people to figure out what they want to say before they say it, producing a detailed map of how sounds are formed before they’re spoken. (More)

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Feel Good Friday

A couple had their outdoor wedding interrupted by an odd noise coming from the woods, which they soon identified as the meowing of a stray kitten. The newlyweds adopted it. (See Video) 

➤ A sick dad hospitalized for months managed to surprise his 17-year-old daughter at her basketball game by showing up unannounced for parents’ night. (See Video)

➤ Ruby, a therapy dog who supported thousands of patients at a British hospital, is leaving service after seven years, and the staff threw her a retirement party. (See Video)

Et Cetera

Actor Alex Baldwin pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges in the fatal shooting of a cinematographer during the production of a Western he was producing in New Mexico. (More)

Billy Joel’s first new song in 17 years, a love ballad titled “Turn the Lights Back On” was released Wednesday and is available for streaming. (Hear it here). 

➤ An Australian girl saved her pet guinea pig by grabbing a snake that was attacking it and swinging the snake vigorously until Dad arrived to separate the girl, the snake, and the guinea pig. (See Video)

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“As a lifelong surfer, days like today are what we surfers kinda dig.” 

— Ian Dell, a Venice Beach surfer excited about the six-foot waves whipped up by the “Pineapple Express” storm.

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