Friday, January 5th, 2024


A new survey shows Nikki Haley solidly in 2nd place behind Donald Trump in Iowa, ahead of Ron DeSantis. The poll of GOP county chairs has Trump at 37%, Haley at 16%, and DeSantis at 9%. (More)

Vivek Ramaswamy shot down a Washington Post reporter’s question about “denouncing white supremacy” with a scornful response that quickly went viral with millions of views. (See Video)

The Justice Department sued Texas over the state’s new law allowing police to arrest illegal migrants and judges to deport them. The lawsuit claims only the federal government has that authority. (More)

 The Islamic State, a militant Sunni Muslim group, claimed responsibility for two explosions that killed nearly 100 people in Iran Wednesday. The group said suicide bombers armed with explosive belts detonated the terrorist attack. (More) 

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Flash floods… steep slopes… wild horses… low oxygen…

America’s ‘Top Wine Explorer’ nearly died on his journey to bring a rare, extreme altitude wine to American shores.

The rustic vineyards of this hidden wine valley are some of the highest anywhere in the world… And getting to them – a 5,000 mile journey up nearly 10,000 feet – can be outright dangerous.

Yet, for adventurous wine searchers like Will Bonner, the prize is a highly sought-after type of wine… one unlike any other in the world.

Today you can be among the very few Americans to sample it. Click here to learn more…


➤ Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill and his family are safe after firefighters put out a large fire at his $7 million Miami home. Hill was at practice, but his family was at home when the fire began. (See Video)

➤ For the first time in NBA history, five teams scored at least 140 points on the same day, and four other teams all scored at least 130 points while losing. (See Details) 

Teenage darts phenom Luke Little lost his world championship match Wednesday but drew Sky Sports TV’s biggest ever non-soccer audience, with nearly 5 million tuning in to watch him compete. (More)


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QuantumScape Corporation

➤ Big Stock Move: QuantumScape stock rocketed up 43% Thursday on news that the battery maker’s new solid-state cell, viewed as the next big battery advance, passed its first endurance test. (More)

Health insurance giant Cigna is nearing a deal to sell its Medicare Advantage unit to Health Care Service Corp. for between $3 billion and $4 billion. (More)

Movie producers have already announced plans for two horror/slasher films starring the “Steamboat Willie” version of Mickey Mouse, which entered the public domain just four days ago. (See Photo)

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The wine industry’s best-kept secret: You’ll find it 9,000 ft above ground in the Andes Mountain, where some of the rarest and finest Argentine malbec wines are made.

It’s so rare that most won’t make it to the US. Bonner Private Wine Partnership has made it their mission to import unique, small-batch wines that other importers overlook.

Discover some of the rarest wines →

Join the world’s first extreme altitude wine club today and get $60 off by using “ALTITUDE” at check out. 

Science & Technology

➤ An international law firm that handles data breaches for its clients was hit by a data breach, exposing the health and personal information of hundreds of thousands of previous victims. (More)

Scientists discovered the remains of enormous and carnivorous worms, dubbed “terror beasts,” that were once apex predators half a billion years ago in the waters near Greenland. (See Illustration)

New research using satellite imagery and artificial intelligence has mapped human activity at sea in precise detail, revealing clandestine fishing activity and booming offshore energy development. (See Images)

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Feel Good Friday

➤ A 7-year-old girl surprised her best friend on his 100th birthday by riding up in a fire truck with sirens and horns blaring, carrying 100 handmade cards to celebrate the WWII veteran’s centennial. (See Video)

The last lighthouse keeper in America has retired. Sally Snowman, 72, worked for 20 years as the 70th lighthouse keeper at Boston Light, built in 1716 on Little Brewster Island. (See Video)

➤ A dog is being hailed as a hero after waking his owners at 3 a.m. with alarmed barking. They saw their neighbor’s home on fire and called 911 in time to save the neighbor. (See Photo)

Et Cetera

A criminal defendant attacked a Nevada judge in court after she rejected probation and was about to give him jail time. The shocking assault was captured on video. (See Video)

A rare 1966 Ford GT40 Road Car, one of only 30 made, is going up for auction with an estimated value of $7 million. The car became a legend by stunning the Ferrari dynasty at Le Mans in 1966. (See Photos)

A goldendoodle dog shocked its owners by eating $4,000 in cash savings, but they recovered most of it by piecing the cash back together after the dog pooped it out. “It smelled so bad,” they said. (See Photos)

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Thursday’s Results:

Which of these regions worries you the most?

  1. U.S. Southern Border: 75%
  2. The Middle East: 11%
  3. China-Taiwan: 10%
  4. Ukraine-Russia: 4%

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“One of our teachers started screaming at us – that’s when we knew it was serious. He was telling us to ‘leave, leave, leave.'”

Carlos Monzon, Perry High School student describing the shooting at the Iowa school.

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