Saturday, January 6th, 2024


 The Supreme Court has agreed to review the legality of former President Trump’s removal from the primary ballot in Colorado. Arguments are scheduled to begin on February 8th. (More)

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are claiming that former President Trump received nearly $8 million from foreign entities (mostly in China) during his presidency. (More)

➤ U.S. intelligence says that Russia has used ballistic missiles from North Korea in the Ukraine War and that it is seeking to obtain similar weapons from Iran. (More)

The U.S. economy added 216,000 jobs in December, according to a Labor Department report, finishing the year stronger than the 170,000 expectation for the month. (More)

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➤ ESPN’s Pat McAfee called out an ESPN executive by name while broadcasting on the network. McAfee accused the exec of trying to sabotage his show. (Video)

Tomorrow marks the final week of the NFL regular season. The Steelers, Jaguars, Packers, and Seahawks are fighting for the final playoff spots. (Full Breakdown)

South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was released on parole Friday morning, 11 years after killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. (More)

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Saturday Rewind

Here are this week’s most-clicked stories. Enjoy!

➤ #1: A trove of documents related to Jeffery Epstein’s sex trafficking ring were released after a long wait. (More Details)

➤ #2: Billy Joel’s mansion is for sale, and you’re welcome to look around…the pictures on the internet. (Photos)

➤ #3: How long will $1 million in savings last in your state? (Full List Here)

Et Cetera

➤ A window blew out during an Alaska Airlines flight, and the plane made an emergency landing in Portland. No one was hurt, but passengers reported extreme force from the depressurization. (Video)

Dylan Butler, the 17-year-old gunman who opened fire at an Iowa highschool Thursday, is believed to have posted an ominous video on TikTok from inside the school building before the shooting. (More)

Microsoft is making its first big change to PC keyboards in 30 years by adding the Copilot key, which accesses Microsoft’s AI-powered experience. (More)

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Are your glasses always smudged? Check this out. (Video)  

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Poll Position

Which team won’t make the NFL playoffs?

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars 
  3. Green Bay Packers
  4. Seattle Seahawks

Friday’s Results:

What’s your favorite ethnic food?

  1. Mexican: 44.8%
  2. Chinese: 21.4%
  3. Other: 13.9%
  4. Thai: 8.4%
  5. Japanese: 7.7%
  6. Indian: 3.8%

Editor’s Note: Somehow, we forgot to include Italian. Who doesn’t love a good Chicken Parm?

Quote BoxDaily Quote

Quote “At the end of the year, we anticipate getting to the point where we begin operating those trucks without drivers on board.

—Chris Urmson, CEO of Aurora, a driverless truck company looking to operate their trucks without a safety driver on board 

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What was Billy Joel’s first #1 hit? 

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