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A $1.2 trillion spending package was approved by the House Thursday and goes now to the Senate. It has to pass by Saturday to avoid a partial government shutdown this weekend. (More

The New York attorney general took the first step toward seizing former President Trump’s assets, filing judgments in Westchester County, where he has a golf resort and estate. Trump has until Monday to post a $454 million bond. (More)

➤ Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama signed a bill into law Wednesday, largely prohibiting local boards of education, public schools and universities, and state agencies from funding or promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. (More

➤ The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators blamed network connectivity issues for Thursday’s DMV “national outage” that prevented license and title transactions for motorists across the nation. (More

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Top US Scientists Discover “Natural Morphine” (Not CBD)

If you are in pain, this is huge…

In fact, this discovery is set to change pain relief forever.

Here is the breakdown…

Top US Scientists have discovered the first and only pain killing alkaloid that has the ability to INCREASE your natural ability to fight pain.

It is code named “Nature’s Morphine”

Here is over 10 years of private research that has just been made public.

Cliff notes…

Studies have CONFIRMED this plant has “morphine like” relief qualities without a SINGLE side effect or risk of addiction.

… And it has been tested internally on over 35,000 users (view the astounding results)

So, if you are in pain…

Go here to try this breakthrough before the rest of the world (no prescription needed)

P.S.  Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with CBD. In fact, you are about to become one of the first people in the world to know about this compound. 


Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s baseball debut lasted one inning as the $325 million right-hander for the Los Angeles Dodgers allowed five runs in the first inning of a 15-11 loss to the San Diego Padres. (More

A new kickoff protocol and a ban on hip-drop tackles are among the 10 playing rule proposals to be considered at the NFL’s Annual League Meeting next week. (See Details

Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced he will once again be behind the wheel of JR Motorsports’ No. 88 Hellmann’s Chevrolet when NASCAR returns to the Bristol Motor Speedway this fall. (More

 The Philadelphia Phillies announced a partnership with Comcast Spectacor Thursday that includes a $2.5 billion plan to construct a “world-class sports and entertainment district” in South Philadelphia. (See Plans


Trend LineMarket Report   03/21/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Five Below, Inc.

➤ Big Stock Move: Five Below stock dropped 15% as the teen-oriented discount retailer blamed shoplifting for a disappointing profit forecast. (More)

Stocks continued their climb Thursday with the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq all closing at record levels on news the Fed plans three interest rate cuts this year. (More

Reddit’s first initial public offering saw its shares jump 48%, raising $750 million. The social media platform closed at $50.44 a share and a market cap of $9.5 billion. (More

 Darden Restaurants reported its first year-over-year sales declines at Olive Garden and its other restaurant holdings since the Pandemic. The company’s stock dropped 4%. (See Details

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(Breaking) Top US scientists reveal a newly discovered powerful plant alkaloid that is 33X stronger than morphine with no side effects.

98% relief success rate in private tests. Legal and available worldwide. Dubbed the “CBD killer.” 

Learn more here.

Science & Technology

A paralyzed man who had a Neuralink chip implanted in his brain demonstrated the device’s capabilities by operating a computer and playing chess online with his mind. “It was like using the force,” he said. (See Video)

An automatic system triggered a rare last-minute abort just 21 seconds before the launch of a Russian rocket meant to carry three astronauts to the International Space Station. (See Video

A team of surgeons successfully transplanted the first genetically edited pig kidney into a 62-year-old Massachusetts man with end-stage kidney disease. The patient “is recovering well,” doctors say. (See Photos

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Feel Good Friday

An elderly Texas couple married for 73 years went viral for a photo snapped of them desperately prying open a gate to save their cattle during last week’s wildfires. (See Video)

 A hospital intensive care unit was transformed into a wedding chapel with live music and photographers so that a dying father could see his daughter get married and fulfill his final hope. (See Photos)

A Marine Mammal Rescue squad saved a baby seal trapped between rocks in a jetty. The seal’s flippers were wedged between the rocks, requiring careful work to get her out. (See Video)

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Et Cetera

A real estate agent in Australia accidentally burned down a multi-million dollar home while preparing for an open house. Her employer was ordered to pay more than $850,000 in damages. (See Photos)

➤ A hot-air balloon crashed along a Minnesota highway after hitting a power line, dumping three passengers onto the ground. Officials said none were seriously hurt. (See Video)

 A unique yellow pay phone on a street corner in Takoma Park, MD, only plays bird calls when users pick it up, each one identified for the caller. The dial tone is the call of the mourning dove. (See Video)

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Paingone Plus fits the power of TENS pain relief into a tiny, portable pen that anyone can use. It’s natural, fast-acting, and works almost anywhere on the body! (See It Here  

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 “I never bet on baseball. That’s 100 percent. I knew that rule.”

—  Ippei Mizuhara, interpreter for baseball star Shohei Ohtani, on spending Ohtani’s money to gamble. 

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