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Former President Donald Trump’s social media company will go public following a merger Friday with Digital World Acquisition Corp. The new entity gives the former president a potential windfall of more than $3 billion in stock shares. (More

GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin made a surprise announcement Friday saying he plans to resign from the House on April 19, leaving Republicans with a “minuscule majority” of 217-213. (More

Border Patrol chief Jason Owens called for tougher federal policies and more resources to combat “unlawful” border crossings in an interview Thursday. (More

Sixteen states asked a Louisiana court to undo the Biden administration’s pause on liquefied natural gas licenses, claiming the president violated procedures, the Natural Gas Act, and the Supreme Court’s authority. (More

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NCAA Tournament: The first round provided fans with mixed emotions—Nevada surrendered a 17-point lead and lost; No.2 seeded Marquette survived after a brutal first half; and a Duquesne University professor celebrated a victory by canceling classes. (Full Breakdown Here

March Madness hero Jack Gohlke connected on ten 3-pointers Thursday and led the 14th-seeded Oakland Golden Grizzlies to a stunning upset of the third-seeded Kentucky Wildcats, 80-76. (More

➤ Louis Rees-Zammit, one of the U.K.’s best rugby players, tried out for NFL scouts in Florida on Wednesday in a bid to follow his dream of playing professional American football. (More

➤ U.K. soccer fans, prime minister included, chastised Nike for recoloring the traditional St. George’s Cross with purple and blue stripes on England’s new men’s soccer uniform. (See Photo

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Saturday Rewind

Ladies and Gentlemen: our most-clicked stories of the week. Enjoy!

#1: A Kansas man lived a world-record fish story last week when he hooked a monstrous 164 pound paddlefish—the biggest paddlefish ever caught. (See Photo

#2: A list of the oldest hotels in every state revealed some extraordinary properties in Delaware and West Virginia, and one haunted hotel in Oklahoma City. The Editor has stayed there, and he did, in fact, hear strange noises in the night 😲. (See List

#3: Gulf of Mexico beach-goers have been warned to avoid the “beautiful blue dragons” washing up on Texas beaches. While they are visually appealing, the sea slugs are toxic and sting. (See Photo

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Et Cetera

New Jersey volunteer firemen used plasma cutters to free Daisy, a dog who accidentally got her head stuck through the rim of a tire. “Daisy was not injured and is doing well,” officials say. (See Photos

➤ A classic book on psychedelic drugs, checked out of a Colorado library in 1987, was finally returned 37 years late this month with a note reading: “Sorry so late!! It’s been a long, strange trip.” (See Photo

A newly-discovered amphibian species named Kermitus after Kermit the Frog may provide insights into frogs and salamanders, researchers say. (More

Oberweis, Culver’s, and Cold Stone top Taste of Home’s list of the best ice cream offered by fast-food restaurants. (See List

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The Flyover has partnered with many incredible companies in our first year of life, and we recently worked to compile a list of the top 12 American-made products that help solve real problems Americans face every day. See the list here!  

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At what age did you get married?

  1. 21 or under
  2. 21-30
  3. 31-40
  4. 41-50
  5. 50 or over
  6. Never

Friday’s Results:

Which now-defunct business do you miss the most?

  1. Radio Shack: 26.2%
  2. Woolworth’s: 14.8%
  3. Montgomery Ward’s: 12.3%
  4. Borders: 11.5%
  5. Service Merchandise: 10%
  6. Howard Johnson’s: 8.6%
  7. Fotomat: 4.2%
  8. Other: 12.3%

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“He might have just made himself a March Madness cult hero. Especially because he looks like a high school history teacher.” 

Oakland forward Tuburu Naivalurua on teammate Jack Gohlke’s ten 3-pointers in an upset victory over Kentucky 

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