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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis chastised Nikki Haley for not endorsing former President Trump: “You signed the pledge … you’re gonna not take your ball and go home,” he said. (More

➤ Sweden ended decades of neutrality Thursday and formally became NATO’s 32nd member. NATO has added both Sweden and Finland following Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine. (More

Former President Trump capitalized on momentum from Super Tuesday and challenged President Biden to a debate, “It is important for the Good of our Country, that Joe Biden and I Debate,” he wrote on a social media post. (More

➤ Another presidential candidate has called out President Biden for a debate. Jason Palmer, the businessman who won the American Samoa caucus, said it was time for Biden to get on the debate stage. (More)  

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A shocking report from the American Medical Association (AMA) revealed that 2.4 million unnecessary surgeries are performed each year on Americans!

In fact, data from the most recent studies suggest that at least 11% of all surgeries are considered unnecessary or inappropriate.

And with the looming possibility of rampant infection, nerve damage, blood clots… and even death…

Many are left wondering – “is surgery really worth the risk…?”

Luckily, a Connecticut Doctor is blowing the whistle on this BILLION dollar ‘healthcare scam’ by revealing in this special report a “30-second morning trick” that’s helping people near the end of their rope rid their body of nagging, joy-stealing pain in their knees, back, hips, elbows, hands & feet…

Over 250,000 Americans are now enjoying the things they love again – thanks to this alternative – WITHOUT going under the knife…

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 Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and YouTuber Jake Paul will headline Netflix’s first live boxing match in July. This is 57-year-old Tyson’s first pro fight since 2005. (More

 The New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association admitted officials were wrong to waive off a last-second shot that cost Manasquan High School a chance to play for a title. The school wants an injunction to stop the tournament. (More

 Iditarod officials assessed a two-hour penalty to Dallas Seavey for failing to properly gut the attacking moose he killed. Seavey left the moose on the course, and it was retrieved and processed later. (More

Cole Brauer became the first U.S. woman to sail solo around the world this week. The 29-year-old skipper sailed her 40-foot sailboat 26,000 nautical miles in 130 days. (See Photos) 


Trend LineMarket Report   03/07/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Teleperformance SE

Big Stock Mover: Call center company Teleperformance missed revenue targets and dropped 22%. CEO Daniel Julien says that AI can help employees get more accurate information, but it can’t replace the humans placing calls. (More)

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell announced yesterday that interest rates will remain unchanged until he’s confident that “inflation is moving sustainably toward 2 percent.” (More

➤ iPhone sales have dropped 24% in China this year as Apple faces increased competition from Chinese technology companies like Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi. (More

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Turmeric is probably the most well-known food PROVEN to fight inflammation and joint pain.

However, when you combine turmeric with these 5 foods they form a private squad of firefighters in your body that help control the raging flame of inflammation and joint pain.

Not only will the joint pain in your knees, back and hips become a thing of the past but you’ll regain mobility that you haven’t seen in years.

Science & Technology

Voyager 1, one of NASA’s oldest spacecraft, sent a batch of incoherent messages to Earth, baffling scientists who are trying to reverse engineer technology from the 1970s to fix the deep space probe. (More

In an experiment, bumblebees managed to solve two-step physical problems in order to access sugar water, and then they taught other bumblebees how to do the same. It was the first time the behavior had been observed in bees. (More

 A comet more than 9,000 feet in diameter will travel past the Sun in April. Scientists captured an image of the comet and its ion tail. (See Photo

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Feel Good Friday

➤ An English couple and their dog were trapped in their burning apartment when garbagemen Steve Whitehouse and Kevin Marriott heard the screams. The pair rushed into the flames and saved the occupants. (See Photos

➤ Braylon Edwards, a former Michigan and NFL football player, rescued an 80-year-old man from a locker room altercation with a 25-year-old over music. “At the end of the day, I was just, that’s what you do,” Edwards said. (More)

Colorado Springs native Nichole Ayers fulfilled her childhood dream by becoming an astronaut this week. “I was a really serious little kid who set my goals on getting into the Air Force Academy and trying to be an Air Force pilot very early on in my life,” she said. (More)

Et Cetera

➤ Xcel Energy acknowledged one of its facilities was involved in starting the Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest wildfire in Texas history that burned more than a million acres of land. (More

Chewing gum manufacturers hope that marketing gum as a way to reduce stress and boost concentration will revitalize a market that is down 32% since 2018. (More

A Wisconsin family spotted an escaped 450-pound pig named Kevin Bacon on their security camera. They fed the pig apples, rice cakes, tomatoes, and carrots and returned him to his farm. (See Photos)

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“I am calling for Debates, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE!

—  Former President Trump, challenging President Biden to a debate via social media 

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