Monday, March 4, 2024


➤ A Supreme Court decision is expected today on whether Former President Trump can be removed from state presidential ballots. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that President Trump was ineligible because of a 14th Amendment provision on insurrectionists seeking office, and several other states have similar pending decisions that await the Supreme Court’s ruling. (More)

➤ Nikki Haley has won the Washington, D.C. GOP primary and its 19 delegates. It’s her first win in the presidential primary race, but polling shows an uphill battle for her in tomorrow’s Super Tuesday voting. (More)

 A climate protestor got shoved out of a room after he confronted Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) over climate policy, swearing in his face. Manchin stood up, and an aide pushed the protestor through a door. (Video)

➤ New polling from CBS News reported a 38% approval rating of the economy under the Biden administration. The number jumped to 65% when respondents were asked about the previous administration’s handling of the economy. (More)

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New Discovery: A “Speed Limit” on Healthy Aging

Restoring cellular energy may be a key to enduring health, concludes a recent publication in Nature Metabolism, a top scientific journal. “Newly energized cells may provide many more years of healthy life to people,” the authors report. Yet as we age, cellular energy production naturally declines like an ever-lower “speed limit,” reducing our prospects for optimal health.

A new way to restore cellular energy and support healthy aging, Mitopure® is clinically shown to give our cellular energy generators, the mitochondria, new power. When taken daily, Mitopure replaces aging mitochondria and rebuilds new ones, increasing cellular energy. The results? Studies found participants saw muscle strength and endurance increase without any changes to exercise. Increasing the cellular energy within the muscle cells improved their function. 

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 Celebrated NFL reporter Chris Mortensen died on Sunday. He began battling cancer in 2016 and stepped away from ESPN last year to focus on “health, family and faith.” (More)

 Iowa’s Caitlin Clark broke the all-time NCAA basketball D1 scoring record yesterday, passing LSU legend “Pistol Pete” Maravich. She needed 18 points on Senior Night against Ohio State, and she set the new record in the first half. (Video

Washington Nationals outfielder Daylen Lile took a scary fall while trying to rob a Red Sox home run in spring training, and he was released from the hospital on Sunday with a back contusion. (Video)


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➤ ‘Dune: Part Two’ dominated the box office last weekend, hauling in $81.5 million in the US and another $97 million in international markets. (More)

BlackRock’s annual SEC filing included a paragraph about potential damage to its reputation from the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing focus. The state of Texas blacklisted BlackRock last month over ESG policies that favor leftist agendas. (More)

➤ Elon Musk is suing OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, saying that the company has abandoned its original mission to serve humanity. (More)

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Meet Mitopure: A New Era in Healthy Aging

Maintaining muscle health is key to healthy aging, but as we get older, our muscle integrity naturally declines. In clinical studies testing skeletal muscle, a healthy-aging supplement called Mitopure increased strength and endurance by improving cellular energy. Importantly, improvements were achieved with no change in the participants’ exercise routine.

Jump start your journey to improve your muscle health today. Flyover readers can get 30% off their order of full-sized Mitopure products, while supplies last, with code FLY30.

Science & Technology

Scientists have created an artificial antibody that neutralizes toxins in the venom of black mambas, king cobras, and other deadly snakes. The antibody has allowed mice to survive deadly doses of venom in lab experiments. (More)

 Varda Space Industries captured high-definition video of its space capsule’s view as it descended from low-earth orbit. (Watch)

 Construction workers have discovered the remains of an 8th century Saxon town beneath The National Gallery in London. It was known as Lundenwic and sits atop the site of the walled Roman city, Londinium. (More)

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Monday Manifest

President Biden will deliver the annual State of the Union speech on Thursday. Leaked agenda items suggest an attempt to tout the administration’s accomplishments rather than pivoting on policies with poor polling. (More)

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and voters will go to the polls for primary voting in sixteen states. Former President Trump is expected to gain an insurmountable lead over Nikki Haley, and Senate races in Texas and California will be closely watched. (More)

➤ The 2024 Oscars will be held on Sunday. Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer is a heavy favorite to win Best Picture. (More)

Et Cetera

Firefighters pulled off an incredible rescue on Friday when a semi-truck nearly plunged off the Clark Memorial Bridge into the Ohio River. Bryce Carden, a firefighter from Louisville, KY, dangled from a crane and secured the driver with a harness, and the crane operator slowly moved the two to safety. (Photos)

A mansion in the Hamptons is for sale for $38 million, but there’s a catch. It’s legally uninhabitable because the owner had major renovations done without pulling any building permits. (Photos)

➤ SpaceX and NASA succesfully launched a crewed mission to the International Space Station yesterday. Four astronauts are making the trip and will stay on the ISS for six months. (Watch Launch)

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➤ Paingone Plus fits the power of TENS pain relief into a tiny, portable pen that anyone can use. (See It 

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“Heartbroken. We lost a true legend. Mort was the best in the business and I cherished our friendship.”

—  Peyton Manning, on the death of reporter Chris Mortensen 

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