Saturday, March 2, 2024


A federal judge upheld an Arizona law requiring voters to show proof of citizenship prior to voting. The judge said it wasn’t discriminatory and could prevent “non-citizen voter fraud.” (More

House Republicans demanded the FBI produce information about Alexander Smirnov, a key informant about potential bribes paid to the Bidens, who has been charged with lying to federal investigators. (More

 A new poll indicated Rep. Adam Schiff is in a statistical tie with Republican candidate Steve Garvey in the race to fill California’s vacant Senate seat. Garvey is polling at 27% and Schiff at 25%. (More

Alexei Navalny, who died in a Russian penal colony, was laid to rest in Moscow Friday as thousands of mourners lined the streets and chanted the opposition leader’s name. (See Video

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Red Bull debuted a drone capable of reaching 217 mph and keeping pace with a Formula 1 car. (See Video) 

The St. Louis Cardinals wore miss-matched gray road uniforms in a spring training game as MLB teams continue to have problems with new uniforms supplied by Nike and Fanatics. (More

Kansas City Chiefs superfan Xaviar “Chiefsaholic” Babudar pled guilty to a seven-state bank robbing spree. He must pay $532,675 in restitution and forfeit an autographed Patrick Mahomes painting. (More

➤ Cam Newton apologized for his part in a brawl at a youth football camp last week. “There’s no excuse,” the former NFL MVP said. (More

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The Himalayas, Great Barrier Reef, and Paris at night are three of the iconic 15 locations recently photographed from space. (See Photos)

The wealthiest individuals in the world are worth a combined $1.44 trillion. Michael Dell’s $72.9 billion empire doesn’t even crack the top 10. (See List)

A brawl at a youth football camp involving former NFL MVP and Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton was captured on video. (See Video

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The Philadelphia Phillies ended their traditional $1 hot dog nights for the 2024 season due to unruly fans throwing hot dogs, long lines, and safety concerns. (More

➤ Architectural Digest identified a dozen buildings that show the weird, quirky side of design, ranging from the Giant Duck in New York to the Big Blue Whale in Oklahoma. (See Photos

A man spent thirty years building a wacky-yet-accurate rock map of Scotland, and he asked his grandson to put it on social media so people could see it. It’s received millions of views and nice comments. (See Photo)

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“DEI is toxic and has no place in our public universities.”

— Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reaction to the University of Florida eliminating all DEI positions.

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