Monday, September 25th, 2023


President Biden will visit the striking autoworkers’ picket line Tuesday, one day ahead of Donald Trump’s scheduled speech to union workers on Wednesday. Biden’s trip was scheduled after Trump’s, following pressure from Democrats. (More)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of Congress’ most progressive members, called Sunday for Sen. Robert Menendez to resign in the wake of bribery charges against him. (More)

The mayor of El Paso, a Democrat, says the city is at a “breaking point” as over 2,000 migrants pour into the city daily. He said the city had chartered buses to take the migrants to New York, Chicago, and Denver. (More)

➤ More than 15,000 people in Arizona registered to join the “No Labels” third-party effort. That’s enough to worry Democrats that it could tip a swing state election. (More)

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The Miami Dolphins routed the Denver Broncos 70-20 on Sunday, scoring the most points by an NFL team since 1966. The Dolphins are only the fourth team in NFL history to score at least 70 points. (More)

The Oregon Ducks clobbered Colorado 42-6 for Coach Deion Sanders’ first loss, Ohio State squeaked by Notre Dame on the game’s final play, and Florida State beat Clemson in overtime. (See College Football Roundup). 

Atlanta Braves slugger Ronald Acuña Jr. set a new baseball record by becoming the first player to hit 40 home runs and steal 60 bases in a season. He’s just two more bases away from a new record of 70 steals. (More)


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➤ Rite Aid plans to sell 400-500 of its 2,330 stores as part of its bankruptcy plan. The company will either sell or let creditors take over its remaining operations. (More)

California gas prices are nearing $6 a gallon, and some parts of the state are approaching $7. Officials blame the price rise on refinery outages in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.  (More)

The average interest rate on credit cards has risen to 22%, up from 16% in February 2022. Nearly half of Americans owe a balance, with the nation carrying a total credit card debt of over $1 trillion. (More)

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Science & Technology

Amazon is adding a new feature to its Alexa digital assistant using AI. The phrase “Alexa, let’s chat” will switch the device into chatbot mode and make it more conversational and expressive. (More)

 Entomologists in Thailand discovered a new tarantula that’s “electrical blue” in color. The purple-blue coloring on the legs is “unique” and “iridescent,” researchers said. (See Photos)

➤ Scientists say the simple box jellyfish, with only 1,000 nerve cells and no central brain, can somehow still learn from past experience and change its behavior as a result of experience. (More)

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Monday Manifest

This is the last week for Congress to prevent a government shutdown. Here’s a look at what’s ahead if an agreement is not reached. (More)

➤ Tonight’s Monday Night Football game brings a rematch of the two teams in the 2021 Super Bowl: the L.A. Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals (the Rams won). (More)

➤ The writers’ strike may reach an end this week after a long weekend of negotiations brought the two sides near agreement. The final issue is reaching a consensus on use of AI. (More)

Et Cetera

 The Dollywood Harvest Festival showcases colossal pumpkins, this year featuring one known as “Godzilla,” weighing in at a whopping 1,048 pounds, grown by a family in Virginia. (See Photo)

A woman who bought a wedding dress at Goodwill for $25 discovered it was a designer gown worth $6,200. She shared the news on TikTok where the main question was: Which Goodwill did she shop at? (See Video)

➤ Life is filled with behavior that’s technically allowed but not really acceptable. If that doesn’t make sense, here are 16 examples from Reddit of social behavior that will raise hackles. (See List)

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Quote “We played like hot garbage. Good old-fashioned butt kicking. No excuses.”

CU Coach Deion Sanders after losing to the Oregon Ducks 42-6. 

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