Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

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 The Baltimore Ravens will play the Colts on Sunday without seven of their starters, including WR Odell Beckham Jr., RB Justice Hill, and several offensive linemen. (More)

College football has some high-octane matchups on the schedule today, including Ohio State (6) at Notre Dame (13) in ESPN’s College Gameday matchup, Colorado (19) at Oregon (10), and Iowa (24) at Penn St. (7). (Full lineup

Boston College is suspending its swimming & diving program because of severe hazing, including “consumption of vile substances and sexual assault.” (More)

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Did you know: After the stock market moves up 50% in a year, the S&P 500 tends to be down 1.5% the year after. Three years later, the market moves up 42.4%, historically. 

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In case you missed it: Here are the three most-clicked stories from this week.

➤ #1: A list of states with the highest property taxes in America. (More) Editor’s note: this appears to be the most-clicked story in Flyover history. Taxes!

➤ #2: The first-ever image with the Earth and the Moon in the same frame. (More)

➤ #3: Another list: this time of the happiest (and least happy) states in our great land. (More)

Et Cetera

Three crocodiles gently pushed a dog to the shore of a river in India, rather than eating it as spectators expected. (Image)

➤ A new business is emerging: for-hire “moms” that perform various tasks for college students. They make dorm room beds, go shopping, and deliver medicine, along with whatever else the young collegiates can’t handle. (More

➤ A WWII-era airplane race ended in tragedy in Reno, NV, when the first-and-second place finishers crashed while landing. (More)

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  4. Retired: 66.5%
  5. Stay-at-Home Parent: 3.8%

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Quote “Thank you. Christmas in January.
—Text message from Nadine Menendez, wife of Senator Menendez, to an associate who allegedly dropped off bribes of gold bars

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Which former Supreme Court Justice led the NFL in rushing yards for two seasons?

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