Saturday, December 23rd, 2023


A new poll showed Donald Trump ahead of President Biden by 6 points among registered voters under 30. In 2020, Biden beat Trump among young voters by 24 points. (More)

Senator Rand Paul has released his annual “Festivus Report,” in which he rails against wasteful government spending. This year’s list includes $38 million in Covid stimulus checks for dead people, $12 million for meth studies on monkeys, and an NIH grant to study Russian cats walking on treadmills. (More)

➤ Senator John Fetterman says he no longer considers himself a “progressive,” splitting with the far left over his support for Israel and border control. He says he’s not interested in their “bizarre” purity tests. (More

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➤ The NFL has games scheduled for today (Bengals vs. Steelers at 4:30 ET), Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Sunday’s game between the Cowboys and Dolphins is one of the weekend’s most intriguing matchups: both teams are 10-4, and oddsmakers predict a one-point Miami win. (Week 16 Breakdown) 

LSU’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jayden Daniels will skip LSU’s bowl game against Wisconsin on Jan. 1, saying “All great things must come to an end.” Daniels will enter the 2024 NFL draft. (More)

Top college athletes are switching colleges on a daily basis through the new NCAA transfer portal. To see who’s joining your team — or leaving it — you can check live updates on this site. (See Updates)

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Here are this week’s most-clicked stories. Enjoy!

➤ #1: A list of the safest small towns in America topped the click charts this week. Monroe Township, NJ, won the prize. (See the Whole List)

➤ #2: Who wouldn’t want to see a video of an ultra-rare quadruple rainbow? (Watch It)

➤ #3: State populations are shifting in America, and this graphic shows which states are rising or falling. (See It)

Et Cetera

➤ A 2,300 year-old mosaic has been discovered at Palatine Hill in Rome. It’s made of seashells and coral, and it depicts a naval victory—likely by the owner of the home it was found in. (See It)

Researchers have developed a new version of humanoid robot that can mimic human activities, including tossing a ball, eating popcorn, and playing air guitar, just like a college student. (See Video)

➤ The Powerball jackpot for tonight’s drawing has reached an estimated $620 million. Wednesday’s drawing had no grand prize winner, though two people each won $1 million by matching five numbers. (More)

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Poll Position

Which actor was the best movie Santa?

  1. Edmund Gwenn – Miracle on 34th Street
  2. Tim Allen – The Santa Clause
  3. Ed Asner – Elf
  4. Kurt Russell – The Christmas Chronicles

Friday’s Results:

The Christmas tree: Real or artificial?

  1. Artificial: 60.7%
  2. Real: 26.9%
  3. Neither: 12.5%

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Quote “I got a lot of problems with you people (in Congress)! And soon you’re gonna hear about it.

—Rand Paul, beginning his annual Festivus airing of grievances 

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What beloved holiday icon was created in 1939 as a promotional campaign for Montgomery Ward? 

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