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Former President Donald Trump wants Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to reject any border security deal that includes aid to Ukraine and doesn’t include “everything needed” to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Sen. John Thune (R-SD) pushed back on Trump’s statement, saying that the current compromise includes good policies. (More)

In the House, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is also getting pressured to accept a border compromise. He was seen leaving a White House meeting with President Biden and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), who said the meeting was intended to “strong-arm” Johnson—something he says will not happen. (More)

Nikki Haley narrowly leads President Biden in New Hampshire head-to-head polling. In state primary polling, however, she’s trailing Donald Trump by 16%. (More)

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Groundbreaking research reveals a surprising connection between nerve damage and this “miracle” mineral.

A new study found that people who had high levels of this “miracle” mineral in their diet were less likely to experience nerve pain.

Folks suffering from

  • Tingling…
  • Numbness…
  • Burning…
  • And pain in their hands, feet, legs, and face…

We’re all shocked by how adding this mineral in their diet could ELIMINATE their nerve pain so quickly… and RESTORE sensation…

Even for people with severe nerve pain and/or degenerative blood sugar and immune system diseases…

Something no prescription drugs, shots, chiropractic, acupuncture, or doctor visits ever helped them do…

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➤ University of Alabama freshman quarterback Julian Sayin is expected to enter the transfer portal. The former 5-star prospect is among a string of players leaving the program following Nick Saban’s retirement. (More)

➤ University of Miami tight end Cam McCormick has been granted his 9th year of eligibility. The 25-year-old Hurricane was part of the same 2016 recruiting class as current NFL stars Nick Bosa, Ed Oliver, and Trevon Diggs. (More)

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards amazed his teammates and fans with an alley-oop dunk off the backboard to himself against the Memphis Grizzlies. (More)

Sports Illustrated started mass staff layoffs and terminations Friday after its publisher, the Arena Group, failed to pay its quarterly license fee. Employees were notified through emails and Zoom calls. (More)

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Did you know that one mineral imbalance can lead to sciatic nerve pain, muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome… and even fibromyalgia?

Over 70% of adults are deficient in it… and it’s wreaking havoc on your nerves and muscles…

Studies show that when you fix this deficiency, you can STOP inflammation in its tracks…

In fact, it’s so powerful… Scientists call this the “miracle” mineral because it’s been shown to REGENERATE the sciatic nerve in studies…

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Saturday Rewind

Ladies and Gentlemen: the most-clicked stories of the week. Enjoy!

➤ #1: It took six years for a photographer in Turin, Italy to get the perfect shot. The nighttime photo shows a mountain, a basilica, and the moon in perfect alignment. (See it)

➤ #2: Owning a home is more expensive than ever, and this week we featured a list that shows the 57 least-affordable places to buy homes in America. (Full List)

➤ #3: The US and UK carried out joint air strikes against Iranian-backed Houthi targets in Yemen. (Video)

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You’ve probably got thousands of important moments saved on your phone or computer. Are they properly backed up? The PhotoStick Omni is the solution. (Video

Et Cetera

Professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan rescued a Florida teenager after an accident left her car overturned on the highway. Hogan was able to remove the teen from the wreck after puncturing the airbags with a ballpoint pen. (More)

➤ Lego posted a video showing its new manufacturing process of paper-based bags at facilities in Europe and Asia. The brand will soon begin production of paper bags in the US. (Watch)

Elvis Presley is set for a comeback to rival his classic 1968 special. Layered Reality, a London-based entertainment company, will use artificial intelligence and holograms to provide fans with an immersive tour of Elvis’ songs and life. (More) 

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“I’m at peace now in my heart.”

Kandice Smith, Indiana “Slasher” survivor, after Indianapolis Metro Police solved a 48-year-old cold case using DNA evidence.

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