Saturday, October 28th, 2023


➤ Ivanka Trump must testify in her father’s civil fraud case in New York, a judge decided Friday. Ivanka’s lawyers are expected to appeal the decision. She was originally a party in the lawsuit but was dismissed from the case. (More)

➤ Photographers captured a clear image of President Biden’s notes at a press conference Wednesday, and the document detailed which reporters to call on—including images, pronunciation, and even pre-written questions. The four journalists listed were the same four who asked questions during the presser. (See it)

➤ Israel is accusing Hamas of hiding a military base underneath the largest hospital in Gaza, along with other hospitals. “We have concrete evidence that hundreds of terrorists flooded into the hospital to hide there after the massacres of October 7,” a spokesman said. (More)

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 Bad weather is expected to affect several NFL games tomorrow, including snowfall at the Chiefs/Broncos game in Denver. Here’s a list of all the matchups that might be played in freezing rain or snow. (More)

TCU’s football team knew about Michigan’s sign-stealing habits before their matchup last year, according to a journalist, and the Horned Frogs made good use of it. They installed “dummy signals” before the game to trick the Wolverines, and they won the game, 51-45. (More

Former President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch before World Series game one last night. He didn’t zip it over the plate as he famously did at Yankee Stadium after 9/11, but he still got a warm reception from Rangers fans. (More)

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Saturday Rewind

These are the stories that got the most clicks this week. Enjoy all over again!

➤ #1: A list of America’s most stressed-out states. Mississippi was at the top of the stack, citing financial stress. (More)

➤ #2: A face appeared in the storm systems of Jupiter, and the image was captured by a passing spacecraft. (See it)

➤ #3: German engineers brought down a bridge with controlled precision. (Watch)

Et Cetera

➤ A man lost at sea was rescued off the coast of Washington, several miles from shore. The man’s ship was reported missing last week, and he was found in a life raft without the ship’s second crew member. (More)

➤ A fisherman in Texas caught a 283 pound alligator gar that broke four records at once, including the state record for the species. The most impressive part? The angler landed the monster fish with 6 lb test line. (More)

Here’s a feel-good video to cap things off: A little girl at an aquarium in Mississippi was delighted when a dolphin stopped to “talk” with her. (Watch)

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Quote “Nobody is saying, ‘James, you’re wrong.’ They’re saying, ‘James, you can’t say that.’
—Democratic strategist James Carville on fellow Democrats telling him not to speak about President Biden’s polling numbers

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