Thursday, April 18, 2024


The Senate voted along party lines to dismiss all impeachment charges against Homeland Secretary Mayorkas, ending the attempt to remove him from office over his handling of the U.S.-Mexico border. (More

President Biden promised steelworkers that he would block the sale of U.S. Steel and triple the tariffs on Chinese steel at a campaign event in Pennsylvania. (More

Suspended NPR senior editor Uri Berliner resigned Wednesday, saying he “cannot work in a newsroom where I am disparaged.” Berliner detailed NPR’s liberal bias in an essay last week. (More

The Biden administration released its formal proposal for a new student loan forgiveness plan on Wednesday, structuring it as a regulatory issue to avoid having it struck down again by the Supreme Court. (More

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7 Signs Of Intestinal Parasites Living Inside Your Body

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The NBA banned Toronto Raptors center Jontay Porter for life Wednesday after a league probe found he disclosed information to bettors and wagered on games, even on the Raptors to lose. (More

➤ The NCAA approved a measure Wednesday to allow athletes immediate eligibility no matter how many times they’ve transferred, provided they meet academic requirements. (More) 

➤ The U.S. Basketball Writers Association announced Wednesday that it will name its annual women’s national coach of the year award after UConn’s Geno Auriemma. (More

➤ Sacramento forward Keegan Murray scored 32 points Tuesday as the Kings eliminated the Golden State Warriors and stayed alive in the NBA’s postseason play-in tournament. (More

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The NCAA‘s frictionless transfer portal would’ve shaken up college athletics by itself, but the addition of Name, Image, and Likeness revenue really changed the game. NIL Wire will help you keep up with it all! Sign up with one click


Trend LineMarket Report   04/17/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Per Ounce
United Airlines Holdings

➤ Big Stock Move: United Airlines stock rose 17% Wednesday after the airline reported a smaller-than-expected loss and said troubles with Boeing aircraft wouldn’t change its full-year guidance. (More)

➤ Economists predict the Federal Reserve will wait until at least September to cut interest rates and possibly hold off until next year, given the continuing high inflation rate. (More

Ford announced plans to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Mustang, one of its most successful models, with a retro-inspired Anniversary Package limited to 1,965 cars. (See Photos)  

➤ Drug maker Eli Lilly says that the weight loss drug Zepbound reduces sleep apnea in adults with obesity. Insurance companies may begin covering the expensive medication. (More

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Knees Hurt? Doing This Might Help You (Watch Now)

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Science & Technology

➤ NASA said the $11 billion plan to have Mars samples robotically shipped to the Earth is too costly and time-consuming, so it’s asked engineers to devise quicker and cheaper alternatives. (More)  

A team of scientists tested the abilities of Spirit, a dog-like robot, on the rocky terrain of Mount Hood to help future robots explore the moon and Mars. (See Video)

 Mount Erebus, an active volcano in Antarctica, spews an estimated $6,000 worth of crystallized gold daily, but the mountain’s location and constant volcanic activity have left the gold inaccessible. (See Photos

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Only one in three U.S. adults think Donald Trump acted illegally in the New York so-called “hush money” case, according to a new AP-NORC survey. (See Poll)

An AARP survey shows that 70% of adults over 50 are worried about high inflation. More than half are concerned they won’t have enough money to last their retirement. (See Details)

➤ Nearly 25% of public school teachers say they experienced a lockdown in the 2022-2023 school year because of a potential shooting situation. Forty percent gave low marks to their schools’ preparation plans. (See Survey)

Et Cetera

 A logbook detailing a year of travel aboard the USS Amesbury, a World War II Navy destroyer, was found by a Massachusetts woman inside a piece of furniture. (See Photo

Officials in Bavaria, Germany, have banned the smoking of cannabis at public festivals, ensuring the focus of their world-famous Oktoberfest will remain on beer. Germany recently legalized the use of marijuana. (More

An elephant from the Jordan World Circus wandered away from the circus Tuesday and roamed the streets of Butte, Montana, surprising residents and eluding a trainer. (See Video)  

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“The bottom line is that $11 billion is too expensive, and not returning samples until 2040 is unacceptably too long.” 

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on NASA’s current problem in returning rock samples from Mars to Earth.

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