Thursday, March 14, 2024


➤ NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing a primary challenge from financial advisor Marty Dolan, who says he’s challenging Ocasio-Cortez’s “radical policies” on immigration and crime. (More)

Hunter Biden’s lawyers say the president’s son won’t attend a public hearing by a House committee conducting an impeachment probe of President Biden. The younger Biden testified behind closed doors last month. (More)

➤ A federal judge struck down a California law barring the purchase of more than one gun in a 30-day period, saying it failed to meet Supreme Court standards for state laws regulating firearms. (More)

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, says it will drop news in Illinois if the state legislature passes a bill requiring it to pay local news publishers for posts using their work. (More)

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 Led by the star power of Caitlyn Clark, the Iowa-Nebraska Big 10 championship game Sunday had the highest ratings of any sports event that day, becoming the most-watched women’s basketball match in 25 years. (More)

The Houston Texans signed four-time Pro Bowl linebacker Danielle Hunter to a $49 million, two-year contract, sources say. Hunter had 16-1/2 sacks last season as an edge rusher for the Minnesota Vikings. (More)

 Louisville fired men’s basketball coach Kenny Payne on Wednesday after two losing seasons. Payne went 8-24 this year and 4-28 his first season. (More)


Trend LineMarket Report   03/13/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
SoundHound AI, Inc.

➤ Big Stock Move: SoundHound AI stock shot up 25% on Wednesday, riding a wave of enthusiasm for artificial intelligence tools. SoundHound makes AI-powered voice-recognition software. (More)

Dollar Tree announced plans to close nearly 1,000 stores after reporting a surprise 4th-quarter loss. The company said it would shutter 600 Family Dollar stores this year and the rest over several years. (More)

➤ United Airlines has told Boeing Co. to stop building the delayed Max 10 jets it had ordered and instead switch to building the smaller Max 9’s. Boeing has struggled to gain certification for the troubled Max 10. (More)

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Science & Technology

➤ European Union lawmakers approved the world’s first rules governing artificial intelligence. The strictness of the rules depends on how the AI is used. (See Details)

 Japan’s first commercial rocket launch ended in fiery failure Wednesday, exploding shortly after liftoff. Space One was attempting to be the first private company in Japan to reach orbit. (See Launch Video)

A comet larger than Mt. Everest could be visible to the naked eye when it enters the inner solar system later this year. The comet, known as 12P/Pons-Brooks, is expected to return every 71 years. (See Image)

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➤ Nearly three-quarters of U.S. teens say they feel happy or peaceful when they don’t have their smartphone with them, new Pew Research shows. At the same time, most teens say they don’t limit their use. (See Poll)

➤ Only 20% of Americans view the coronavirus as a major health threat today, and only 28% say they’ve received the updated Covid-19 vaccine, according to a Pew Research report. (See Poll)

Nearly 30% of Gen Z women and 10% of Gen Z men identify as gay, bisexual, or trans in a new Gallup survey, compared to half that total for older Millennial women and men. Across all adults, 7.6% identify as gay, bi, or trans. (See Survey

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Et Cetera

The Uvalde, Texas, police chief has resigned just days after an investigation cleared his officers of wrongdoing. They waited an hour to act while an armed teen killed 21 people at Robb Elementary School in May 2022. (More)

➤ Rock legend Neil Young is ending his boycott of Spotify over Joe Rogan’s podcasts. Young said now that Rogan’s content is also on Apple and Amazon, he can’t continue the boycott, or there’d be nowhere to stream his music. (More)

➤ A Ukranian strongman set a Guinness world record by pulling a vehicle weighing 5,687 pounds — with his beard. An earlier attempt failed after his beard hairs were yanked out during the attempt. (See Photos)

Don’t forget: Today, 3/14, is National Pi Day, when we celebrate the magic number for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter: 3.1415926535897931, continuing to 100 trillion digits and still counting. (See Pi World Record)

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 “The entire prosecution of President Trump is political, constitutes election interference and should be dismissed.”

Former President Trump’s attorney, Steve Sadow, following the six dropped counts in Georgia against the President

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