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The RNC headquarters in Washington D.C. was evacuated and a hazardous-materials team was dispatched Wednesday after two vials of blood were discovered in a package addressed to former President Trump. (More)  

Israel recalled its ambassadors to Norway, Ireland, and Spain Wednesday after the three countries announced their intentions to recognize a Palestinian state. (More)  

The Biden administration announced another round of student loan cancellation Wednesday, saying the government will erase $7.7 billion for 160,000 borrowers. (More 

 A Reuters/Ipsos poll showed only 36% of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s performance as president—his lowest rating in almost two years and tying the lowest percentage of his presidency. (More)  

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➤ NASCAR fined driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. $75,000 on Wednesday for fighting with Kyle Busch after Sunday’s All-Star Race. It was the largest fine handed down by NASCAR for fighting. (See Video)  

The NFL named Pittsburgh as the host city for the 2026 NFL Draft, awarding the Steel City its first draft in almost 80 years. (More)  

➤ WNBA rookie Caitlin Clark joined NBA legend Michael Jordan as the only two professional basketball players to sign a sponsorship deal with Wilson, the manufacturer of the official NBA and WNBA basketball. (More)

Modern Era drivers Carl Edwards and Ricky Rudd, along with Pioneer selection Ralph Moody, were elected to the NASCAR Hall of Fame Tuesday. (More

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Trend LineMarket Report   05/22/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
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First Solar, Inc.

Big Stock Move: First Solar stock soared 18% Wednesday after an analyst identified it as one of the solar power companies poised to power new artificial intelligence data centers. (More)

Nvidia reported a 262% jump in sales, beating expectations, and announced a 10-1 stock split. The AI chipmaker’s stock rose to a record Tuesday and is expected to rise again today. (See Details)

➤ Former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy bought a 7.7% stake in struggling digital publisher Buzzfeed. The company’s stock jumped 50% before the market opened Tuesday. (More)

➤ Target stock fell 11% Tuesday after it reported low first-quarter earnings, with sales falling 3% year over year. (More)

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Science & Technology

➤ Spectacular photos of the Milky Way, framed by glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, and beaches, were featured in a new collection of the best Milky Way images taken around the world. (See Photos)  

A home security camera captured footage of a very bright meteor burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere Monday night, lighting up the Montana sky like a streaking fireball. (See Video)  

➤ Apple’s latest accessibility feature, Vehicle Motion Cues, turns the built-in motion sensors inside iPhone and iPads into anti-car sickness aids for those that like to read in the car. (More

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Thursday Polling Station

➤ A new poll shows that 71% of voters want to see third-party candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. included in any presidential debates this year. (See Poll)

About half of U.S. voters oppose putting illegal migrants into detention camps while awaiting deportation, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows, while 36% support such a move. (More)

➤ Nearly 40% of webpages that existed in 2013 are no longer accessible, according to a new Pew Research study of “digital decay.” Over half of Wikipedia’s articles link to at least one page that no longer exists. (See Details)

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Et Cetera

Oprah Winfrey and Sandra Bullock are among the top female celebrities that voters would support if they made a political run, according to a new Suffolk University/USA Today poll. (More)

 Canned water brand Liquid Death announced a new contest that will give away a custom Aero L-39C Albatross jet to the sweepstakes winner. If the jet is rejected, the winner can claim $250,000 in cash. (See Photo

➤ An elk wandered into the backyard of an Evergreen, Colorado home and played soccer with a couple of kids, kicking a red ball back and forth. (See Video)  

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“There seems to be this rush to take away all accountability for people who commit crimes.”

—  Illinois State Sen. Steve McClure on the move to change the word “offender” for convicts to “justice-impacted individual.”

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