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The White House announced Monday that the long-serving chairman of the FDIC will step down after an independent investigation found more than 500 employee complaints ranging from stalking to harassment. (More

Testimony concluded Tuesday in the so-called hush money criminal trial against Donald Trump with the defense resting and Judge Juan Merchan scheduling closing arguments for next Tuesday. (More)  

➤ The Iranian government began funeral proceedings Tuesday for its president, foreign minister, and other officials killed in a helicopter crash in the mountainous northwest region of Iran Saturday. (More) 

The U.S. tops a list of foreign embassies in London with unpaid traffic charges, owing nearly $18 million in unpaid fees. U.S. officials have no plans to pay the charges, claiming diplomats are exempt. (More)  

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It’s no secret that Summer is just around the corner which means temperatures are starting to heat up. Make sure you have a plan to stay extra hydrated.

It’s easy to forget that our sweat isn’t just water. But why is it that we only down a glass of water after a long run or a hot day? Our sweat consists of water and salt, so next time you’re reaching for that glass of water … remember to replenish those electrolytes.

After years of mixing his own electrolyte blends, and frustration with healthy options on the market, LMNT Co-Founder and former Navy SEAL, Robb Wolf, used his experience as a biochemist to create his own product.

LMNT is your chance for a clean electrolyte boost after a long summer day or intense workout. They taste great making it the perfect cocktail mixer or hangover cure.

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San Antonio Spurs center Victor Wembanyama became the first player in NBA history to make the league’s All-Defensive first team as a rookie Tuesday, appearing on 98 of the 99 ballots cast. (More)

➤ Rafael Devers made Boston Red Sox history Monday by hitting a home run in six consecutive games, breaking a record shared by six former Boston players, including Hall of Famers Jimmie Foxx and Ted Williams. (See Video

Babe Ruth’s jersey from his iconic “called shot” moment in the 1932 World Series is expected to fetch upwards of $30 million at auction this August. It was sold for $940,000 in 2005. (More)  

➤ Georgia quarterback Jaden Rashada filed a lawsuit against Florida football coach Billy Napier, a booster, and a former UF staffer in federal court Tuesday over a failed NIL deal that he says would have paid him $13.85 million. (More

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Trend LineMarket Report   05/21/2024

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Bloom Energy Corporation

Big Stock Move: Bloom Energy stock rose 17% Tuesday after the fuel cell manufacturer was featured in this weekend’s edition of Barron’s magazine as a top stock pick. (More)

➤ Pixar Animation Studios eliminated 14% of its workforce Tuesday as parent company Walt Disney says it wants to overhaul the animation giant to focus on quality instead of quantity. (More)  

Macy’s bested first-quarter earnings estimates Tuesday and raised its full-year earnings expectations, signaling the retailer’s turnaround strategy is gaining traction. (More)  

Lowe’s posted revenue of $21.36 billion Tuesday, beating estimates by several hundred million dollars despite same-store sales falling 4.1%. (More

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Science & Technology

Racer, a helicopter-airplane hybrid developed by Airbus, made its maiden flight Monday, demonstrating what the aircraft manufacturer described as a high-speed compound helicopter demonstrator. (See Video

➤ NASA astronauts, wearing modified sleeveless spacesuits, are preparing for the Artemis moon mission by testing the systems and technology in a volcanic field near Flagstaff, Arizona. (See Images)  

➤ A new study examining the energy requirements of human pregnancy revealed that expectant mothers will burn 50,000 calories carrying a baby for nine months. (More)

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Wisdom Wednesday

Everyone hates being interrupted, and one public speaking expert has advice for fighting back with three tips, plus a magic three-word phrase. (See Tips)

Feeling forgetful? Memory researchers offer a plan to strengthen and improve your memory, and they start with a simple step: Pay attention. (See Plan

A neuropsychologist has a four-step plan to help people stop the cycle of negative self-talk, the hyper-critical, confidence-eroding inner monologue some people suffer from. (See Steps)

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Et Cetera

A painting by surrealist Leonora Carrington sold for $28.5 million at an auction in New York, making the artwork the most valuable piece produced by a British-born female artist. (See Painting)  

Florida police found a convicted fugitive hiding inside a clothes dryer of a Pensacola home Friday, noting that the look on his face was “a combination of guilt, embarrassment, and warm hosiery.” (See Photo

➤ A 70-year-old Alaska man was killed on his property by a moose that charged suddenly while he was trying to take photographs of its two calves. (More)  

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“Suddenly there was a very dramatic drop, so everyone seated and not wearing a seatbelt was launched immediately into the ceiling.”

—  Singapore Airlines passenger Dzafran Azmir on the moment when his plane plummeted 6,000 feet in a matter of minutes.

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