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Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib has asked Democrats in her home state of Michigan to vote “uncommitted” in the state’s upcoming primary. She opposes President Biden’s handling of the war in the Gaza Strip. (More

Responding to a question at a town hall Sunday, presidential candidate Nikki Haley said she would pardon former President Trump if elected. (More

 Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers signed new legislative maps into law Monday. Republicans approved the measure to prevent the liberal-controlled state Supreme Court from drawing the lines. (More

With Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s widow condemning Putin for not releasing his body, thousands gathered across the globe to pay their respects. AP has photos from memorials in Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Argentina, and England. (See Photos

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 The Pittsburgh Penguins honored Jaromir Jagr Sunday by retiring the NHL’s second all-time leading scorer’s No. 68 jersey. “Probably the best years of my life,” Jagr said of his 11 years with the team. (More)

 Cody Miller, the undefeated high school wrestler we reported on last week, remained unbeaten at 143-0 and captured his third state title. He is the second Washington wrestler to complete high school without a loss. (More

Willam Byron won yesterday’s rain-delayed Daytona 500, despite leading the race for just four laps. A huge crash with six laps remaining promoted Byron to second place at the restart. (Video)


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➤ New York-based GlobalFoundries secured $1.5 billion in funding from the Biden administration to produce computer chips in New York and Vermont. The chips are earmarked for the military, electric vehicles, smartphones, and internet infrastructure. (More

The U.S. construction industry is short an estimated 650,000 workers, causing delays in residential, hospital, and infrastructure projects. (More

➤ Former President Donald Trump debuted his official sneaker at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia over the weekend. The golden “Never Surrender high-tops” feature a Trump logo and cost $399. (See Video

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Science & Technology

➤ A satellite resembling a “Tie-Fighter” from Star Wars was photographed by an Australian commercial imaging firm as it deorbited from space and entered the Earth’s atmosphere. (See Photos

Astronomers have discovered a black hole-powered quasar 500 trillion times brighter than the sun and 17 billion times bigger. The stellar object consumes the equivalent of a sun a day and may be the brightest object in the universe. (See Illustration

A Canadian court ruled Air Canada was financially responsible for its chatbot that wrongly agreed to reimburse a passenger’s ticket. He was flying to his grandmother’s funeral. (More

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➤ Meet the Audien Atom, the most premium, discreet and affordable hearing aids that everyone is talking about. (See It Here)  

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Travel Tuesday

➤ It’s election season, and a new book from Edward Segal reminds us of how presidential candidates used to travel by train to make campaign stops and deliver stump speeches. “Whistle-Stop Politics” covers 180 such trips throughout the country. (More)

➤ The upcoming Iditarod Sled Dog Race might be the ideal travel destination for dog lovers. Thousands from around the world donate their time helping mushers, event planning, and delivering “mushergrams.” (More

Utah scientists tracked an adult cougar for five months as it traveled more than 1,000 miles through three states. The cougar’s final destination was Colorado. (More

Et Cetera

A New York man inadvertently turned himself in to the police after reporting a burglary at his secret meth lab. (More) 

➤ Researchers are studying how VR can help support health and emotional well-being and reduce the impact of dementia among senior citizens. “Oh my God, that’s beautiful,” one subject said when he put on the VR headset. (More

➤ According to the PEW Research Center, 57% of young men between the ages 18-34 would like to have children one day. Only 45% of young women of the same age agree. (More

➤ An Indian man was mauled to death by a lion after scaling the enclosure’s wall for a selfie with the animal. (More)

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“I’m in a 100,000 square foot house by myself.” 

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