Tuesday, February 6, 2024


The Senate released the text of a $118 billion bill that combines aid to Ukraine and Israel with new restrictions on U.S. border policy. House GOP leaders declared it “dead on arrival,” and it’s uncertain whether it has the votes to clear the full Senate. (More)

Nevada voters go to the polls today for a Republican primary that will award no delegates. Nikki Haley is on that ballot, while Donald Trump is the only name on a different ballot Thursday for the GOP caucuses that count for delegates. (More)

Seven Democrats and more than 150 Republicans have sent letters to the White House criticizing the decision to pause new approvals for natural gas export facilities. (More)

The Supreme Court rejected an emergency appeal seeking to block West Point from considering race in admissions. The underlying lawsuit over West Point’s affirmative action policy continues. (More

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Golfer Wyndham Clark was declared the winner of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament on Sunday. Only three rounds were completed when PGA officials decided the weather made it impossible to play the last round on Monday, as originally planned. (More) 

FIFA awarded the 2026 World Cup Final to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The 1.6-billion venue beat out sites in California and Texas, including Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones’ AT&T Stadium. (More

 Los Angeles Dodgers fans were treated to a preview of Shohei Ohtani in his number 17 Dodger white jersey over the weekend. It was the first time fans had seen the $700-million star in his Dodgers jersey. (See Video

Denny Hamlin deliberately antagonized NASCAR fans following his victory at the 2024 Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum. Hamlin concluded his post-race interview by saying, “You know I beat your favorite driver again, right?” (See Video


Trend LineMarket Report   2/6/24

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
MorphoSys AG

Big Stock Move: MorphoSys stock shot up 56% Monday on news the pharmaceutical company is in talks with Novartis to be acquired. (More

Novo Nordisk, maker of weight-loss drug Wegovy, has agreed to buy manufacturing company Catalent for around $16.5 billion overall. The goal is to increase capacity to meet growing demand for Wegovy. (More)

Boeing may delay delivery of 50 planes after discovering another problem in its 737 Max aircraft. Two holes were incorrectly drilled in the window frames of the fuselages. (More)

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Science & Technology

Researchers have developed a breakthrough gene therapy treatment for angioedema, a rare genetic disorder that produces extreme swelling in humans. The single-dose therapy showed positive results in test patients. (More

Scientists discovered rock debris in Antarctica that they say may be evidence of  an asteroid explosion 2.5 million years ago. If true, it would be the oldest asteroid explosion on Earth. (See Debris Photos

Astronomers found two exoplanets similar to Earth in a system 137 million lightyears away. One is called Super-Earth because of its larger size, while the other is similar in diameter to Earth. (See Video

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Kailo is the future of pain relief. It’s an all-natural pain patch that works in 60 seconds. (Video)

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Travel Tuesday

Valentine’s Day is next week, and Travel+Leisure has put together a list of the most romantic places to visit in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C.  (See Photos

➤ There are nice hotels, and then there are special hotels, from a lodge built into the side of a cliff to a manor set in the middle of a giraffe sanctuary. Here’s a list of 13 unique hotels. (See Photos)

➤ At Arkansas’ famous Crater of Diamonds State Park, you can occasionally find real gems at your feet. But there are at least six other U.S. locations where you can hunt for precious stones. (See List

Et Cetera

Taylor Swift made Grammy history Sunday by winning her fourth “Album of the Year” award. But the highlight was a duet by Tracy Chapman and country star Luke Combs that’s pulled nearly 15 million views on X. (See Duet)

A fundraiser in Wichita, Kansas, has raised $180,000 to replace the statue of baseball icon Jackie Robinson that was stolen and destroyed. The money is meant to replace the statue with a new one. (More)

➤ A painting stolen by mobsters in 1969 has been returned to its owners, the FBI said. “The Schoolmistress” was painted by John Opie around 1784. (See Painting)

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““We looked outside and there’s a foot-and-a-half of running water, and it starts seeping through the doors.” 

Los Angeles resident Drake Livingston, after being alerted by a friend that his neighborhood was flooding.

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