Wednesday, February 7, 2024


➤ Tucker Carlson confirmed he flew to Moscow to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin for his first American interview since invading Ukraine. Once the interview occurs, Carlson says he will post an unedited recording on his website. (More)

The House GOP failed to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Tuesday, falling two votes short as four Republicans joined Democrats to defeat the measure. House leaders say they may bring it to the floor again next week. (More)

Senate Republicans said they’d block a vote on the border security bill because it isn’t strong enough, effectively killing the legislation just two days after they saw the closely-held details. (More)

➤ Several illegal migrants charged with beating up New York City police officers were arrested Monday in Phoenix after being released without bail and immediately fleeing the city. (See Photos)

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➤ The Dartmouth men’s basketball team has been cleared by the National Labor Relations Board to vote on whether to unionize as school employees. The NCAA has been fighting the move. (More

 The Edmonton Oilers, winners of 16 straight games, are one win away from tying the Pittsburg Penguins for the NHL’s longest winning streak. Victories against the Vegas Golden Knights and Anaheim Ducks this week would give them the record. (More

Fourth-ranked Kansas gave up an 11-point lead to lose to in-state rival Kansas State 75-70 in overtime. The upset victory snapped Kansas State’s four-game losing streak against the Jayhawks. (More

 The NFL announced the Philadelphia Eagles will play a Friday night game in Sao Paolo, Brazil, next season. The September 6th game will join five other NFL international games planned for England and Germany. (More


Trend LineMarket Report   2/7/24

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Palantir Technologies Inc.

Big Stock Move: Palantir stock soared 31% Tuesday on strong fourth-quarter earnings driven by high demand for its AI offering from commercial clients. (More)

➤ Toyota plans to invest $1.3 billion in its Kentucky facility to build new electric SUVs and add a battery-pack assembly line. The move comes as other carmakers have pulled back their electric vehicle production. (More)

➤ Tax season is here, along with the usual changes to the tax code and filing rules. Here are some key tips and resources to help navigate the process. (See Tips)

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Science & Technology

➤ Astronomers have produced the largest and most detailed X-ray map yet seen of the universe, indicating it’s populated by over 900,000 objects and 700,000 black holes. (See Images

➤ Scientists discovered a new species of jellyfish that contains a “cocktail of venoms” that may include toxins never seen before. (See Photos

➤ Researchers uncovered two trails of ancient human footprints pressed into a Moroccan beach that are believed to be 90,000 years old. The footprints are some of the oldest and best preserved ever seen. (See Photos)

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Wisdom Wednesday

➤ Two psychologists who studied over 30,000 couples said they repeatedly hear six phrases that couples in successful relationships use to keep conflicts from getting out of hand. (See Phrases)

The research director of Gallup’s Well-Being Index says happiness comes from a cluster of related factors, and he identifies 15 “cowbell” statements that signal true life satisfaction. (See Statements)

For many, early morning is the most productive time. Performance coaches offer five simple tips for maximizing your morning routine for an effective day. (See Tips)

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➤ Are you caught up in the hustle and bustle? Worry not! CVS Pharmacy offers a seamless shopping experience for your Valentine’s Day needs. (See Deals)

Et Cetera

➤ Neither cold nor rain could stop the 4th annual Goldens in Golden event, when over 1,000 golden retrievers and their owners gathered in Golden, Colorado, to enjoy a wet day of adorable dogginess. (See Photos)

➤ A sea lion caught posing for the camera won the grand prize in the 2023 Nature Photography Contest, which awarded prizes to top photos in more than a dozen categories. (See Photos)

A Florida high school junior reeled in a 250-pound goliath grouper off the coast of Sarasota. By law, the fish had to be released back into the water, but the student and his friends got photos of the giant fish first. (See Photos)

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“Even though $1 trillion in credit card debt is a staggering number, (the) unfortunate truth is that it is only going to keep climbing from here.” 

Matt Schulz, chief credit analyst at Lending Tree. 

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