Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

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Stay Salty? 

Since the 1940s, we have been told to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but hydrating only with plain water can dilute your electrolyte levels – which can lead to headaches, low energy, brain fog and more.

Meet LMNT, pronounced “element,” an electrolyte drink mix that has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

NO Sugar

NO Gluten

NO Dodgy Ingredients

LMNT is on a mission to restore health through hydration and has created a formula perfectly suited for folks intermittent fasting or following a low-cab, whole food diet.

Ready to Hydrate your body the right way? All Flyover readers get a FREE sample pack of eight flavors today with any purchase, plus a zero questions asked refund policy.


➤ Michigan and Washington each won last night in the college football semifinals, and both games came down to the final play. Michigan beat Alabama 27-20, and Washington beat Texas 37-31. (More)

➤ Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper dumped his drink on Jacksonville Jaguars fans from his open-air box, presumably because his Panthers were losing badly and much-maligned rookie quarterback Bryce Young had just thrown an interception. (Video)

➤ The Philadelphia Eagles, once 10-1 and considered favorites for the NFC title, have lost four of their last five games. They entered Sunday’s game against the Cardinals as 13-point favorites but lost in the last minute. (More)

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After years of making his own electrolyte blends, and frustration with healthy options on the market, LMNT Co-Founder and former Navy SEAL, Robb Wolf, used his experience as a biochemist to create his own product.

LMNT has NO sugar, artificial ingredients or junk that can be found in other conventional sports drinks.

It is perfect after an intense workout. And even if you are not an athlete, you’d be surprised how useful LMNT can be. It tastes great, making it the perfect cocktail mixer or hangover cure.

All Flyover readers get a FREE sample pack of eight flavors today with any purchase, plus a zero questions asked refund policy.

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➤ Harry Dent, the economist who correctly predicted Japan’s bubble and recession in 1989, thinks the US will experience the “crash of a lifetime” in 2024 because of an “everything bubble” created by excessive money printing, among other factors. (More)

➤ A shark killed a 39-year-old swimmer off the northern coast of Maui, near Paia. The species of shark is not yet known, but Tiger sharks are the most dangerous in the area. (More)

➤ Billy Joel’s Long Island mansion is for sale (for $49 million, if you’re interested), and he joked during a New Year’s Eve concert that “nobody is going to want to buy it.” (Photos of the Mansion)

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At night, you’re more likely to run into a wall, slip and fall, step on a toy or even trip over your pet. GuideLights make your home safe at night, and they’re easy to install. (Video)

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“We shot ourselves in the foot.” 

— Alabama coach Nick Saban on his team’s narrow Rose Bowl loss

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