Tuesday, November 7th, 2023


➤ Democratic strategist David Axelrod says President Biden should consider dropping out of the presidential race in the wake of new polls showing him trailing Donald Trump in key battleground states. (More

House Republicans are debating how to change the rules to prevent a single member from forcing a vote to fire the speaker. The GOP members who forced out Kevin McCarthy now say they’re in favor of the change. (More) 

The current Congress is the most polarized ever, according to a running data analysis used by political scientists. The current gap between parties is now slightly higher than in the previous record-breaking years of 2016 and 2018. (More

 A New Jersey Democratic political boss was kicked out of a Philadelphia Eagles luxury suite after draping an American-Israeli flag out the window. (See Video) 

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The Chicago Cubs fired manager David Ross and hired rival Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell on a $40 million five-year contract. That’s the highest salary ever paid for a baseball manager. (More

The Philadelphia Eagles became the only NFL team with an 8-1 record after beating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The victory came despite quarterback Jalen Hurts suffering a direct hit on his injured knee. (More

➤ Max Verstappen’s victory Sunday in Sao Paulo’s Grand Prix was his 17th win, and it made him officially the most dominant driver the sport has ever seen, over a single season. His current winning percentage is at 85% (More

College hoops kicked off last night, and Arkansas’ Trevon Brazile got his season started with a highlight reel dunk. (Video


Trend LineMarket Report   11/6/23

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Freshpet Inc

Big Stock Move: Freshpet stock jumped 17% after the manufacturer of refrigerated pet food reported quarterly earnings that beat estimates on the top and bottom lines. (More

Tyson recalled 15 tons of dinosaur-shaped chicken “fun nuggets” after consumers reported finding small pieces of metal in the product that caused one minor oral injury. (More) 

Shipping companies see no surge in demand coming for the upcoming holiday season, indicating a sluggish outlook for consumer spending. Target said it sees shoppers cutting back on groceries. (More

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Science & Technology

Researchers are gluing monitoring devices that look like little hats onto the heads of seals in order to explore the Antarctic Ocean. The devices have already helped uncover a hidden ocean canyon. (See Video

NASA is set to debut NASA+, its new streaming platform, on Wednesday, featuring live space launches and new original series. The service is available for free through the NASA app and on the web. (See Trailers

A powerful solar storm supercharged auroras worldwide this weekend, bringing the stunning views of the northern lights as far south as Greece and Turkey. (See Photos) 

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➤ Upgrade your dog’s diet with a fresh, healthy diet from Nom Nom and support their healthier, happier life. Nommers report benefits in as little as one month from switching – like a shinier coat, increased energy, and better breath, to name a few. (See it Here)

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Travel Tuesday

➤ Between summer vacation and the holidays lies the travel “shoulder season,” when prices and crowds both tend to be lower. Here are eight tips for doing shoulder season right. (See Tips

➤ The Train d’Artouste is the highest narrow-gauge train in Europe, rattling past breathtaking views along the Pyrenees Mountains at more than a mile high. (See Photos

 China’s “most inconvenient convenience store” is a tiny wooden shed that hangs 400 feet above the ground on the side of a mountain. It’s used by travelers clambering up and down the mountain. (See Photo

Et Cetera

➤ A pickup truck towing a trailer stuffed with fireworks collided with a tractor-trailer on the Trans Canada Highway, producing a spectacular nighttime fireworks display that closed eastbound lanes due to burning hot light. (See Video

The largest vivid blue diamond ever put up for auction could sell for up to $50 million at a Christie’s sale today in Geneva. The “Bleu Royal” diamond, at 17.6 carats, is among the rarest ever found. (See Video

➤ A new TV reality show inspired by the famous stunts in James Bond movies is offering a $1.2 million prize to contestants who will have to scale mountains and cranes and deal with crocodiles and snakes to win. (More) 

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“It’s a disgrace. It is election interference because you want to keep me in court all day long. And Judge … I want a jury.”  

Donald Trump  after testifying Monday in his New York fraud trial

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