Wednesday, November 8th, 2023


➤ Americans went to the polls Tuesday with both parties waiting to see how the winds are blowing. Key races include governor matchups in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi, as well as state legislative elections in Virginia. (More)

➤ Special Counsel David Weiss told the House Judiciary Committee that he was never “blocked” from bringing charges in the Hunter Biden investigation. Weiss testified behind closed doors in a rare move by an active Special Counsel. (More)

 Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan targeted both political parties on foreign policy in a new ad. Hogan is co-chair of third party No Labels, which is considering running a candidate for president. (See ad)

 Sen. Ted Cruz says he’s also considering running for president again in the future but didn’t feel the timing was right in 2024. He said he could accomplish more fighting against “woke” policies in the Senate right now. (More)

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Last chance to invest before this company becomes a household name

If you had the opportunity to invest in the biggest electronics products before they launched into big box retail, would you?

Through retail distribution deals with Best Buy, Ring changed doorbells and Nest changed thermostats. Early investors in these companies earned massive returns, but the opportunity to invest was limited to a select, wealthy few.

The game has changed, and for once investors have the option to invest in a company that’s gearing up for a massive retail rollout.

RYSE is launching in 100+ Best Buy stores, and you’re in luck—you can still invest at only $1.25/share before their name becomes known nationwide.

They have patented the only mass market shade automation device, and their exclusive deal with Best Buy resembles that which led Ring and Nest to their billion-dollar buyouts.

Learn how you can become a shareholder and earn bonus shares for a limited time.


➤ Colorado University upset LSU’s reigning champion women’s basketball team in its opening game Monday night. LSU became the first women’s champion to lose its opener since 1995. (More)

Ichiro Suzuki, the Japanese baseball superstar with the most total hits of any pro player in history, is 50 now but still works with young players. He smashed a towering home run right through a high school window. (See the Blast)

➤ Teenage figure skater Isabeau Levito became the first U.S. female skater to win a Grand Prix title in seven years with her singles victory this weekend in the 2023 Grand Prix de France. (See Performance)


Trend LineMarket Report   11/7/23

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Datadog, Inc.

Big Stock Move: Datadog stock surged 28% Tuesday after the cloud computing company reported stronger-than-expected earnings and full-year guidance. (More)

➤ WeWork filed for bankruptcy in federal court Monday in one of the biggest corporate collapses in recent history. The office-sharing firm was valued at $47 billion in 2019 but was hit hard by the Covid pandemic. (More)

➤ Heinz announced plans to release a new pickle-flavored ketchup early next year, citing research that three-fourths of American enjoy the taste of pickles. “It’s a big dill,” the company said in a news release. (More)

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If you missed out on investing in Ring early on, you’re not alone! The founder of Ring pitched on the hit show Shark Tank at a valuation of just $7 million and the sharks shut him down.

 5 years later, the company sold to Amazon for more than $1 Billion. Turning the 10% stake initially offered to the sharks from $700K into $100M!

RYSE on the other hand pitched on the Canadian version of Shark Tank called Dragon’s Den and received two offers! It seems the Dragons learned from the Sharks’ mistakes.

Science & Technology

➤ Astronomers have discovered the oldest black hole yet, formed at the dawn of the universe. The black hole is huge, 10 times bigger than the one in our own Milky Way. (See Illustration)

➤ The Air Force is asking Congress to protect its nuclear launch sites from the encroachment of wind turbine farms. The turbine blades endanger military helicopter pilots, and the Air Force wants a two-mile buffer zone. (More)

Researchers are developing a real-life tractor beam to help solve the space junk problem. The “electrostatic tractor” uses electrostatic attraction to nudge hazardous objects out of Earth’s orbit. (See Illustration)

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Wisdom Wednesday

➤ Even billionaires wish they could go back in time and give their younger selves some wisdom. Three business titans offer the advice they wish someone had given them back in the day. (See Advice)

➤ An interactive Library Map tool containing over 100,000 book titles allows readers to discover new books by zooming in on bubbles of related books sorted by genre and significance, not unlike zooming in on a celestial star map. Genres are grouped by color, and the books’ significance by the size of the bubbles. (See Map)

People smart about personal finance share a number of traits: They educate themselves, they’re disciplined, and they know their priorities. Here are 14 characteristics of people who manage themselves wisely. (See List)

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Et Cetera

An injured American kestrel named Ferrisburgh has lost his ability to fly, but has taken up a new career as a painter. The bird runs across a canvas with paint on his feet and leads art classes for people interested in birds. (See Photo)

➤ U.S. News has crunched the data to uncover the ten most popular dog names in the U.S., and they don’t include Fido or Butch. The No. 1 name is Bella, followed by Luna and then Max. (See Top 10)

The work of stained-glass artist Narcissus Quagliata is showcased in a new documentary, “Holy Frit.” He uses custom chemistry to create striking stained-glass pieces for churches, homes and exhibitions. (See Work)

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“If you need to observe a billion galaxies, you have to start with one. And this is the one.”  

René Laureijs on choosing the Milky Way-like “Hidden Galaxy” to study first with the new Euclid telescope.

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