Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023


➤ An angry Donald Trump called for the judge overseeing his business fraud trial in New York to be disbarred, calling the trial a “witch hunt” and the judge a “criminal.” Trump showed up in person for the trial, though he didn’t have to appear. (More)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s super PAC is preparing for him to leave the Democratic Party and run as an independent. The PAC’s polling shows that, as a third-party candidate, Kennedy could draw more votes from Trump than Biden. (More)

➤ Funding for the Ukraine war was stripped from the government funding bill, and it has Ukraine’s allies worried. President Biden urged Congress to resume funding Ukraine, but some Republicans are balking, and surveys show a majority of Americans flagging in their support. (More)

GOP legislators introduced a measure to expel Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling a fire alarm while Democrats were trying to delay a vote in Congress. Capitol police said pulling a fire alarm when there’s no fire is a criminal offense. (More)

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Ryan Blaney outraced Kevin Herrick to win at Talladega Superspeedway Sunday, advancing him into the round of eight at NASCAR’s playoffs. Harvick was later disqualified when his car failed inspection. (More

➤ Gymnast Simone Biles became the first woman to complete the Yurchenko double pike in competition, the most difficult jump in the woman’s scoring code. The sport will now name the move after her: the Biles II. (See Video

➤ Florida beat rival Tennessee Saturday, but not before a general melee broke out on the field on the last play. When UF quarterback Gordan Metz took a knee to end the game, a UT player hit him, and chaos erupted. (See Video

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Trend LineMarket Report   10/2/23

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Dow Jones Industrial Average
Sphere Entertainment

Big Stock Move: Sphere Entertainment shares jumped 12% Monday after its newest venue in Las Vegas opened with a performance by U2 amid spectacular wall-to-wall video graphics and special effects. (More

Tom Hanks has called out a dental ad for using a deep-fake AI-generated likeness of him. On his Instagram, Hanks warned the public to “Beware!!” and decried the use of AI to take advantage of public figures. (See Warning

➤ The United Auto Workers and Volvo-owned Mack Trucks have reached a tentative deal to avoid a strike. The UAW is continuing its ongoing strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. (More)

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Science & Technology

The Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to two scientists whose discoveries later enabled the creation of the mRNA vaccines against Covid. The research was done at the University of Pennsylvania. (More) 

 Chinese astronauts lit a candle on their Tiangong space station to see how fire burns in microgravity. The flames burned spherically rather than the usual gravity-driven teardrop shape. (See Video

➤ Astronomers are unhappy with the BlueWalker 3 satellite because it has become one of the brightest objects in the sky, making it difficult to see the stars. It’s the largest commercial satellite system ever deployed. (More

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Travel Tuesday

Research from Expedia shows that air travel is more stressful than visiting the dentist for more than half of Americans. The annual report offers a variety of tips and advice for making travel less of an ordeal. (See Tips

The Florida Everglades National Park, one of the world’s largest wetlands, is getting its first hotel, the Flamingo Lodge & Restaurant. It features 24 guest rooms built from shipping containers and perched on stilts. (See Photos

➤ Corn mazes come in all shapes and styles, from easy and kid-friendly to fiendishly tricky even for adults. For maze fans, here’s a list of the most iconic and interesting corn mazes across the country. (See List

Et Cetera

 A 104-year-old Chicago woman left her walker on the ground to try to become the oldest skydiver in the world after doing a tandem jump out of an airplane Sunday. The record currently is held by a 103-year-old. (See Photos

Photographers from 32 countries entered the 2023 International Pet Photographer of the Year contest. The grand prize was a striking photo of an Azawakh dog resting on lumber. (See Winners

➤ Merriam-Webster added 690 new words to its dictionary, ranging from newsy terms like “UAP” (”unidentified aerial phenomenon”) to pop formulations like “beast mode” to viral acronyms such as “ngl” (“not gonna lie”). (See List)

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Do you believe House Speaker Kevin McCarthy should be replaced?

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Quote “Bring it on.” 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, on the motion to remove him from his Speaker role.

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