Wednesday, December 27th, 2023


President Biden is ending 2023 with a 39% approval rating in the latest Gallup Poll, the lowest rating of any president at this point in their term. Approval by Democrats is at 78%, down from last month’s 83%. (More)

Donald Trump said Monday that he would replace the Affordable Care Act with his own “much better and less expensive” alternative. (More)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote an op-ed Monday outlining three requirements for peace: the end of Hamas, the demilitarization of Gaza, and a de-radicalization process in Palestinian society. (More)

Ukrainian cruise missiles blasted a large Russian warship in Crimea Monday night, killing one person and heavily damaging the ship. (See Video)

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➤ The NFL’s Christmas Day triple-header ended with the Raiders upsetting the Chiefs, the Eagles beating the Giants, and in the biggest matchup, the Ravens dominating the 49ers 33-19 with five interceptions. (More)

The Ravens’ win against the 49ers was notable for an unusual safety caused by a referee who fell, tripping Raven’s quarterback Lamar Jackson as he scrambled in the end zone. (See Video)

Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic passed the historic 10,000 career points mark Monday night. He finished the game with 50 points, 15 assists, six rebounds, four steals, three blocked shots, and the win over the Phoenix Suns. (More)


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S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
RayzeBio, Inc.

➤ Big Stock Move: RayzeBio shares shot up 100% after Bristol Myers Squibb announced it was buying the cancer drug company for $4.1 billion. (More)

➤ U.S. holiday sales grew 3.1% this year, according to Mastercard. That’s down from 7.6% growth in 2022 and less than the 3.7% forecast by Mastercard in September. (More)

➤ Apple has stopped selling its newest Apple Watch models in the U.S. due to a patent ruling barring the import of the watches. The company is appealing the ruling. (More)

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Science & Technology

The FDA approved a new “minimally invasive” procedure that can help control high blood pressure when medications aren’t effective. It uses a device that targets nerves near the kidneys. (More)

➤ Researchers at MIT say they used artificial intelligence to discover a new class of antibiotics that could kill the resistant staphylococcus bacteria that cause MRSA staph infections. (More)

The Hubble Telescope found a tightly bound cluster of stars resembling a “cosmic snowball” in the Large Magellanic Clouds, one of the Milky Way’s galactic neighbors. (See Image)

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Make 2024 the year of new adventures and languages. With Babbel, unlock the potential of fluent conversations and enjoy cozy winter evenings learning a new language. Special New Year offer: up to 60% off your subscription.

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Wisdom Wednesday

Norwell Health unveiled an ad campaign with a cast of 100-year-olds sharing their secrets for a long healthy life. Hint: Avoid stress, and don’t sweat the small things. (See Advice)

The approaching New Year offers new possibilities. Here are a selection of New Year’s quotes to help you get in the right mindset for a happy 2024. (See Quotes)

➤ Speaking of New Year’s, here are the Top 10 most common New Year’s resolutions and ways to stick with any resolutions you make. (See Resolutions)

Et Cetera

➤ An intense close-up of a turkey named Frederick was the winner of the RSCPA Young Photographer awards, honoring striking wildlife photos taken by teens and pre-teens. (See Winners)

Neil the seal has become famous for his trips into Tasmania to pose, perform, and occasionally frighten off unsuspecting tourists, for he’s quite a large seal. (See Neil Strike a Pose)

The “humblest Christmas tree in the world,” a 123-year-old artificial tree with just 25 branches and 12 fake berries, sold at auction for over $4,000—50 times the estimated selling price. (See Photo)

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  3. Kurt Russell: 13%
  4. Ed Asner: 10%

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“I was just swatted. This is like the 8th time. On Christmas with my family here.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in a post on X. 

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