Wednesday, February 28, 2024


President Biden and Donald Trump are scheduled to make separate trips to the Texas border on Thursday. Biden heads to Brownsville while Trump goes to Eagle Pass, where the administration is in a legal standoff with state officials. (More)

➤ The average favorability rating for Donald Trump hit 42%, his highest rating since 2022, according to RealClearPolitics. President Biden’s average favorability rating stands at 40%. (More)

 Texas pastor Ryan Binkley ended his longshot campaign to win the GOP presidential nominations after loaning himself $10 million for the race. He earned only 2,000 votes across the four early state primaries. (More)

A letter containing a white powdery substance was sent to the Florida home of Donald Trump Jr. Monday, who opened it and then called 911. Initial tests on the powder indicated it was not deadly. (More)

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Baseball superstar Shohei Ohtani, acquired by the Los Angeles Dodgers for $700 million, hit a 2-run homer in his spring training debut. (See Video

 Award-winning NFL journalist Peter King announced his retirement after covering football for over 40 years. King is best known for his work at Sports Illustrated and, most recently, NBC Sports. (More

 Arizona State University hockey player Tucker Ness has been suspended for starting a fight with Alaska’s Dawson Bruneski last weekend. “There is no place in college hockey for what happened,” said ASU coach Greg Powers. (See Video

In a sport known for pranks, the Atlanta Braves replaced scoreboard images of Baltimore Orioles players with pictures of Baltimore literary icon Edgar Allan Poe during Monday’s spring training game. (See Photos


Trend LineMarket Report   02/27/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Janux Therapeutics, Inc.

➤ Big Stock Move: Janux Therapeutics rocketed up 230% Tuesday, tripling in value, after unveiling promising results in trials for its prostate cancer treatment. (More)

➤ Macy’s announced it was closing 150 “underproductive locations” in the face of sales woes, leaving the company with 350 stores. The company says it will focus on expanding its higher-end luxury brands. (More

➤ Bitcoin hit a two-year high Tuesday, passing $57,000 in value at one point during the day, its highest price since 2021. The cryptocurrency is up 30% for the year. (More)

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Science & Technology

Japan’s lunar lander, SLIM, emerged from a planned weeks-long hibernation to re-establish communication with Earth. Despite initial setbacks, SLIM can still take photos and conduct experiments. (See Photos)

The Colombian government is launching an expedition using underwater robots to recover billions in lost treasure from the San Jose, the “Holy Grail” of shipwrecks that sank in 1708. (See Images)

➤ Researchers using special image processing discovered three new moons in the solar system. One is circling Uranus, and two are orbiting Neptune. (See Image)

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Wisdom Wednesday

➤ The Dutch term niksen means doing nothing, and some in the Netherlands say that’s the secret that makes them among the happiest people in the world. They offer tips on how to make niksen work in your life. (See Tips)

➤ Spring is around the corner, breathing fresh life into the world. It’s a good time to recommit and recharge, as these 36 quotes about new beginnings, hope, and change illustrate. (See Quotes)

➤ Great communicators offer seven tips for becoming a superior conversationalist with friends, strangers, and loved ones. (See Tips)

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Et Cetera

➤ “Moon Phases,” a Jeff Koons sculpture featuring 125 small orbs inspired by historic people, became the first art installation on the moon after being carried into space by the Odysseus lunar lander. (See Photos)

➤ Michigan’s historic Cherry Bowl Drive-in, opened in the golden age of drive-ins in 1953, has been put up for sale. The $625,000 listing features 10 acres, a mini-golf course, a playground, a barn, and a concession stand. (See Photos)

Elaborate floats assembled using nearly 500,000 lemons and oranges, more than 140 metric tons, took center stage at this month’s 90-year-old French Fête du Citron festival. (See Photos)

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  5. Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton
  6.  Patty Lane and Cathy Lane

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Would you agree to a vacation without knowing the destination?

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“Guess people better change their lunch hours from 2pm to 4pm.”

—  Ted Jenkin, CEO of oXYGen Financial, on Wendy’s decision to test demand-based “surge pricing” for its burgers.

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Google once hired a camel for an important job. What was it? 

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