Friday, February 16, 2024


➤ A Pew Research survey shows that 73% of Democrats disapprove of the Biden administration’s management of U.S. border security, the highest of his administration and 11 points higher than last year. (More)

Republican Rep. Mark Green, the committee chair behind the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, announced Wednesday he wouldn’t seek a fourth term in the House. Green said it was “time for me to return home.” (More)

 Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis was defiant in her court hearing today, fighting back against charges of an inappropriate romance with her lead prosecutor in Donald Trump’s election interference case. “I’m not on trial,” she said. (More)

➤ A New York judge set March 25 to begin Donald Trump’s hush-money trial, rejecting Trump’s motion to dismiss the case. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Trump last April. (More)

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First Obamacare For Health, Now Bidencare For 401(k)s – How To Optout

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Joe Biden couldn’t get his “Build Back Better” bill passed last year because everyone knew it would cause more inflation. So he stubbornly pushed it through Washington in “H.R. 5376”.

Without a doubt, this sneaky move confirms what we have always believed:

  • Governments will never stop printing fiat currency until it is worthless!
  • Anyone whose financial future relies on a sane, responsible government or a functional economy should consider smarter options, TODAY!

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Why? Because:

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➤ Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry became the first NBA player to make at least seven three-pointers in four consecutive games. Despite the historic effort, the Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Clippers. (See Video

 Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart was arrested before Wednesday’s game with the Phoenix Suns for punching Suns center Drew Eubanks in the arena’s parking tunnel. (More

 Cody Miller, an undefeated high school wrestler now in his senior year, has a combined record of 139-0 going into his final wrestling tournament this weekend. He needs to win his last four matches. (More

 Ohio State University named Jake Diebler as its new men’s basketball coach Wednesday after firing Chris Holtmann. The Buckeyes are 4-10 in Big Ten play and have lost nine of their last 11 games. (More

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➤ Big Stock News: Fastly Inc. stock dropped 30% Thursday after the cloud computing company reported mixed 4th-quarter results, with revenue coming in below expectations. (More)

Americans pulled back their spending more than expected in January, with retail sales falling 0.8%, bigger than the 0.1% drop economists projected. High prices and interest rates were cited as causes. (More)

➤ Elon Musk announced on X that he’s relocated SpaceX’s legal home from Delaware to Texas, where the company already has a large presence. The move comes after a Delaware judge canceled his Tesla pay package. (See Post)


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Bidencare Comes For Your 401(k) – How To Optout

Joe Biden couldn’t get his “Build Back Better” bill passed last year because everyone knew it would cause more inflation. So he stubbornly pushed it through Washington in “H.R. 5376”. Without a doubt, this sneaky move confirms what we have always believed, governments will never stop printing fiat currency until it is worthless!

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Science & Technology

➤ NASA’s Mars rover captured a partial Martian solar eclipse last week as Mars’ moon Phobos passed in front of the Sun. The resulting eclipse gives the sun a “googly eye” look. (See Photos)

Food scientists seeking to produce a meat alternative created “beef rice”, a pink-colored grain infused with cultured cow fat cells. “It offers a pleasant and novel flavor experience,” scientists say. (See Photo)

➤ A new type of magnetism thought impossible was proven to exist by a team of scientists in Switzerland. Called “altermagnetism”, researchers believe it could make electronic devices more efficient. (More)

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Feel Good Friday

A kindergarten teacher surprised her young students by getting married at the chapel of her Catholic school. They were shocked to find they were there to attend their teacher’s wedding. (See Photos)

A 17-year-old Lego builder has set up a “Pass the Bricks” nonprofit that collects thrown-away Lego pieces and turns them into sets he donates to local charities. He now has volunteers doing the same in 38 states. (See Video

Patches, a dog who went missing in Colorado four years ago and seemed lost forever, was reunited with his tearful owner this week thanks to an implanted microchip found after he was picked up in New Mexico. (See Video


Et Cetera

Climate protesters threw red powder on the U.S. Constitution’s protective glass case Wednesday, causing the evacuation of the National Archives building and galleries. The vandals were immediately arrested. (See Video)

➤ Authorities searching for missing fishermen off the coast of Colombia instead found a semi-submersible vessel, a so-called “narco sub”, packed with 4.5 tons of cocaine. The fishermen remain missing. (See Photo)

➤ Ever wonder what the smelliest animals on the planet are? The list includes skunks, ferrets and elephants, but none of those can compete with the pungent odor of Africa’s striped polecat. (See List)

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Gallup Poll: Are you satisfied with your life?

  1. Very Satisfied: 51%
  2. Somewhat Satisfied: 40%
  3. Dissatisfied: 6%
  4. Very Dissatisifed: 3%

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“The opportunity to return the United States to the moon for the first time since 1972 demands a hunger to explore.” 

Trent Martin, VP of space systems for Intuitive Machines, which launched its lunar lander to the moon Thursday. 

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