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Democrats flipped a House seat Tuesday when Democrat Tom Suozzi reclaimed his old New York chair by defeating Mazi Pilip in a special election to replace ousted Rep. George Santos. The GOP House majority is now 219-213. (More)

➤ The White House is weighing whether to release the transcripts of interviews between Special Counsel Robert Hur and President Biden as pressure builds to see if Hur’s characterization of Biden’s memory was fair. (More)

Democratic Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina said Wednesday he was stepping down as part of the party’s House leadership team after a year in the job. The 83-year-old said he was planning to run for re-election. (More)

Illegal crossings over the Mexican border fell by half in January compared to December, with officials citing increased enforcement for the decline. They cautioned that it was expected to rise again. (More)

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Top Doctor Reveals Little-Known “African Fruit” That Releases Stuck Stool And Helps Relieve Constipation

Maybe you eat a bowl of high-fiber cereal every morning, snack on fibrous fruits or vegetables, and take a fiber supplement.

And you think you’re getting more than enough fiber. Right?

Not necessarily.

It’s not just about getting “enough” – it’s about getting the right types.

Not all fiber is created equal, and research has found that 95% of us are not getting enough of the right kind of fiber.

And this is a big problem.

Countless studies studies show many health conditions are linked to a low fiber diet including constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), appetite irregularity, weight gain, out-of-control blood sugar, and unhealthy cholesterol.

What’s worse…

You might be using a fiber supplement that contains the wrong type of fiber – causing blockages in your intestines and worsening constipation.

6 Myths About Fiber Every Senior Needs To Know 




The Los Angeles Lakers reportedly rejected a trade deal that would have sent the NBA’s all-time leading scorer LeBron James to the Golden State Warriors. (More)

Edmonton Oilers center Connor McDavid nearly tied an NHL record with a career-high six assists in a win over the Detroit Red Wings Tuesday. Only Wayne Gretzky and Bill Taylor Sr. have had more assists in a game. (More)

Jenny Cavnar will be the first woman primary play-by-play announcer in Major League Baseball  history when she takes the microphone for the Oakland Athletics this season. (More)

Ticket prices are soaring as high as $4,400 for fans eager to see if Iowa’s Caitlin Clark will break the women’s college basketball all-time scoring record tonight against Michigan. (More)

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Lyft, Inc.
QuidelOrtho Corporation

➤ Big Stock News: QuidelOrtho Corp. stock sank 32% Wednesday on a weak 4th-quarter financial report by the genetics testing company and an even weaker outlook for annual revenue. (More

➤ A typo in Lyft’s fourth-quarter earnings statement caused the company’s stock to shoot up more than 60% before a correction was issued. Lyft stock still ended the day up 35%. (More)

Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Duck— or at least the performers who play the characters at Disneyland — are looking to unionize with the Actors’ Equity Association for better working conditions at the theme park. (More)

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Over 95% of Americans don’t get enough fiber, yet fiber is the foundation for human health – even beyond its digestive benefits.

Getting a healthy dose of daily fiber lowers your risk of deadly colon conditions by keeping things moving in your digestive tract.

And the prebiotics in some types of fiber feed the good bacteria in your gut, which have been shown to boost your immune system and mental health.

Have you heard about what fruit experts are now calling the new “super-fiber”?

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Science & Technology

➤ An asteroid dubbed the “city-killer” was one of five large space objects to come within 3 million miles of Earth Wednesday. In astronomical terms, that’s a near miss. (More)

➤ Time-lapse photos from a satellite captured images of A23a, the world’s biggest iceberg at nearly a trillion tons, spinning in circles in the Antarctic Peninsula. (See Video)

A stingray with no mate became pregnant at the Aquarium and Shark Lab in North Carolina in a rare display of asexual reproduction. (See Video)

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➤ Less than half of Americans say they’re “very satisfied” with their own lives, according to a new Gallup poll. About 78% say they’re satisfied, the lowest since 2011. (See Results)

A Pew Research survey shows broad bipartisan support over some voting policies, including requiring voter ID and making Election Day a holiday. There’s sharp partisan disagreement over allowing groups to collect mail-in ballots. (See Poll)

➤ Despite recent aircraft issues, 70% of Americans believe air travel is generally safe, though only 20% say they have a “great deal” of confidence in planes being well-maintained, according to an AP/NORC poll. (See Survey)


Et Cetera

➤ Police arrested a man they say stole and melted down a bronze statue of baseball icon Jackie Robinson in Wichita. Officials say he was motivated by money from scrap metal, not hate, when he cut down the statue.  (More

British researchers found a 1,700-year-old intact chicken egg from Roman Britain still containing its liquid yolk and albumen. “We were blown away,” one scientist said. (See Photo)

Winter can be playfully picturesque, as illustrated by this Smithsonian photo collection of golden monkeys, white ermines, and Icelandic horses enjoying the snow. (See Photos)

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Gallup Poll: Are you satisfied with your life?

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Wednesday’s Results:

Do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day today?

  1. Yes: 57%
  2. No: 43%

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““People should not panic. I don’t want people thinking that, you know, Martians are landing.”

Rep. Jim Himes, cautioning the press that an unnamed national security threat was not of great urgency.

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