Friday, January 12th, 2024


➤ The U.S. and Britain launched a massive series of air strikes on locations belonging to Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen late Thursday, the first military response to attacks on shipping in the Red Sea. (More)

➤ Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to nine tax charges in federal court Thursday, covering a four-year period where prosecutors said he didn’t pay taxes. His trial is scheduled for June 20. (More)

Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis attacked each other through Wednesday night’s debate in Iowa, calling each other liars in the first minutes. Haley is polling in 2nd place in Iowa, behind Donald Trump. (See Debate Highlights)

➤ Speaking of Trump, he held a Fox News town hall during the debate and was asked about his vice president pick. “I know who it’s going to be,” he said but gave no further details. (More


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➤ Bill Belichick is leaving as head coach of the New England Patriots after 24 seasons and an unmatched six Super Bowl titles. Belichick had his worst season this year but says he wants to continue coaching. (More)

 The AP Top 25 college basketball poll is 75 years old, and the No. 1 team over that long period is Kentucky, an analysis shows. North Carolina was No. 2, then Duke, Kansas, and UCLA. (See Ranking)

Nick Saban’s retirement means that Alabama players now have a new 30-day window to enter the transfer portal and potentially move to another school. Before this, 17 players had already entered the portal. (See List)


Trend LineMarket Report   1/11/24

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Cytokinetics, Incorporated

➤ Big Stock Move: Cytokinetics stock dropped 16% Thursday on news that Novartis was backing away from a potential deal for the biotech company. (More)

New market funds tied to the price of bitcoin began trading in the U.S. Thursday after gaining approval from the SEC. The new fund allows investors to trade in funds that closely track the value of digital currencies. (More)

➤ Inflation rose more than expected in December, driven by housing and energy costs. The increase raises concerns that the Federal Reserve may move slowly on cutting interest rates this year. (More)

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Science & Technology

Scientists have discovered the oldest known fossilized reptile skin, a fingernail-size fossil that’s at least 285 million years old, predating even dinosaurs. (See Photo)

➤ Astronomers have begun a dramatically expanded search for alien life in a “COSMIC” project that utilizes giant radio telescopes scanning more star systems than was previously possible. (See Video)

➤ An 8-year-old girl’s study of magpie behavior shows that the birds prefer attacking bald men. Not knowing Excel, she presented her data results in graphs built with Lego blocks. (See Photos)

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Feel Good Friday

➤ A bride-to-be got an emotional reaction from her stepdad after presenting him a surprise note asking him to officiate at her wedding. (See Video)

A dog’s digging may have saved an entire neighborhood from exploding, Philadelphia officials say. Kobe, a husky, kept digging at one specific hole until the owner checked and discovered a dangerous gas leak. (See Photos)

➤ A grandmother who wrote an unpublished book in 1972 was surprised by her grandson 50 years later when he presented her with a printed version of the book. (See Video)

Et Cetera

A police chase in Dayton that began with a pickup truck hitting a pedestrian ended with a dramatic crash and a running gunfight in a busy street before the suspect was arrested.  (See Video. WARNING: Graphic Language!)

➤ Australian researchers are recording crocodile sounds to build up a “dictionary” of how the reptiles communicate. The language includes hissing, bubble blowing, and spouting water from the nose. (Hear Crocodile Talk)

Tropicana is releasing a limited-edition version of its orange juice that removes the letters “A” and “I” from “Tropicana” to show that all its ingredients are natural and not artificial. (See Photo)

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“eBay engaged in absolutely horrific, criminal conduct.”  

U.S. Attorney Joshua Levy on eBay’s harassment campaign against a Massachusetts couple

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