Friday, September 29th, 2023


Democrats and Republicans warred with each other during the first impeachment inquiry Thursday, with GOP legislators laying out evidence of possible financial wrongdoing by the Biden family while Democrats insisted it was a waste of time. (More

➤ The Senate unanimously agreed to reinstate a formal dress code only a week after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer relaxed the code to allow Sen. John Fetterman to wear shorts and hoodies on the Senate floor. He can no longer do that. (More

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs mysteriously disappeared Wednesday, leaving state Treasurer Kimberly Yee as acting governor under state law. It left the media asking: Where is Katie Hobbs? (More

➤ Speaking of Arizona, Kari Lake, who lost to Hobbs in the race for governor, says she’ll run as a Republican for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Kristin Sinema, formerly a Democrat and now an independent. (More

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NBA all-star Damian Lillard was traded by the Portland Trailblazers to the Milwaukee Bucks, where he’ll play alongside another NBA superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Lillard had asked to be traded. (More) 

➤ An epic NFL battle this Sunday will pit the winless Denver Broncos against the winless Chicago Bears to see which can finally score a victory. Both teams are reeling from bad losses last week. (More

➤ On the college side, Colorado will play No. 5-ranked USC in a battle of schools that relied heavily on transfers to build their teams. Injuries will cost Colorado at least one and perhaps two of their defensive stars. (More


Trend LineMarket Report   9/28/23

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Jabil Inc.

Big Stock Move: Jabil shares jumped nearly 20% Thursday after the U.S. manufacturer reported fourth-quarter earnings above analysts’ expectations. (More

The United Auto Workers announced an expansion of its strike to more than 20 states as thousands more workers walked off the job. The move is a setback for White House hopes of an early settlement. (More

Oscar Mayer reversed course and brought back the iconic “Wienermobile” name for its hot dog-shaped vehicle, which it had renamed as the “Frankmobile.” The company said the new name didn’t “cut the mustard with its fans.” (More)

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Science & Technology

Scientists found a rare cosmic structure known as a polar ring galaxy, in which a ring of hydrogen gas orbits the main spiral disk at a 90-degree angle. The result looks like a cosmic eyeball floating in space. (See Photo)

 An amateur astronomer in Japan caught one of the brightest fireballs ever seen on Jupiter. A rare video of the event indicates an asteroid or comet hitting the surface. (See Video

➤ Playing Tetris for 15 minutes can prevent trauma in mothers after a difficult birth, according to a new large-scale study. New moms who played the video game had fewer symptoms of PTSD than moms using a placebo activity. (More)

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Feel Good Friday

A two-year-old girl who wandered off with her two family dogs sparked a police search that ended when she was found asleep in remote woodlands using one pet as a “furry pillow” while the other kept watch over her. (More

A student from Guinea cycled 2,500 miles across West Africa, enduring arrests, lawlessness, and blazing heat, hoping to be accepted into a prestigious Eqyptian college. When he finally got to Cairo, they gave him a scholarship. (More

➤ A father ended his career as a Southwest pilot by riding shotgun with his son, now also a Southwest pilot. They posed for a photo that recreated the same image taken 30 years ago when the son was a toddler in the co-pilot seat. (See Photos

Et Cetera

A teenage boy was arrested for cutting down a 200-year-old tree at England’s Hadrian Wall. The tree is a beloved icon, made famous when it appeared in Kevin Costner’s film, “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.” (See Photo

A Wisconsin diver has made friends with a smallmouth bass he named Elvis. Rex Colubra met Elvis while diving, and now the two are inseparable. He’s made videos of him and Elvis together, set to music. (See Video) 

➤ British bird-watchers say they’re in shock after seeing “uber-rare” American songbirds arrive in the U.K. Scientists say the birds were blown across the Atlantic by Hurricane Lee. (See Photos

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  3. Mike Pence: 8%
  4. Tim Scott: 9%
  5. Chris Christie: 9%
  6. Vivek Ramaswamy: 14%

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Quote “I’m so glad my baby girl is safely home with us tonight. Her doggies kept her safe. I’m still in shock.

Michigan mom after her toddler daughter was found sleeping in a remote woodland snuggled with her dogs.

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