Saturday, September 30th, 2023

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Doctor Says You Need This 1 Protein for Joint Pain

If you’re over the age of 50, male or female – top doctor reveals the best protein to restore bone density, soothe long joint pain and regain mobility.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is critical for maintaining youthful function and appearance of the skin, hair, nails, lean muscle and so much more.

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A judge has agreed to end the conservatorship between former NFL player Michael Oher and the Memphis couple that took him into their household in his youth. The relationship was the subject of the film The Blind Side. (More)

The Philadelphia Phillies denied entrance to their stadium to an “emotional support alligator” on a leash and a harness. The owner claimed that “WallyGator” has never bitten anyone. (See More

The European Ryder Cup team jumped out to the largest day 1 lead in the history of the contest. They lead the United States 6.5 to 1.5. (More)

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Big Pharma HATES Studies Like These

Breakthrough new research proves how you can grow back cartilage in your bone joints.

It’s odorless, flavorless, and so easy to add in your morning coffee, tea, oatmeal, smoothie, or even water.

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Saturday Rewind

These are the stories that got the most clicks this week. Enjoy them all over again!

➤ #1: A map of the states with the highest (and lowest) sales tax rates. (More) Editor’s note: Once again, taxes top the stack. We may need to create an entire section about taxes!

➤ #2: A list of the coolest small town in every state. (More)

➤ #3: Elon Musk’s satellite train that lights up the night sky. (More)

Et Cetera

➤ Police have arrested a man in connection with the infamous murder of rapper Tupac Shakur. Duane “Keffe D” Davis is accused of being the “shot-caller” who orchestrated the killing. (More)

➤ A new analysis of ancient shoes found in a Spanish cave revealed that they’re the oldest ever found—around 6,000 years. (More

➤ A government shutdown would ruin one of Alaska’s favorite traditions: Fat Bear Week. Residents vote for their favorite bear that’s been gorging on salmon in preparation for winter, and National Park workers typically count the votes. (More)

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Meme Of The Week

Poll Position

Do you live in a small town?

  1. Yes: 25,000 people or less
  2. Sort of: 25,000-100,000
  3. Nope: 100,000-200,000
  4. Not even close: 200,000+

Friday’s Results:

How concerned are you about a government shutdown?

  1. Very: 12.1%
  2. Somewhat: 18.5%
  3. Not much: 29.3%
  4. Not at all: 40%

Quote BoxDaily Quote

Quote “If you rob a store, you can fully expect to be shot as you are leaving that store. Shot!
—Donald Trump, on his plan to reduce theft in America

TriviaToday’s Trivia

What place recieves the highest average rainfall in the United States?

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