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The White House faced criticism for proclaiming March 31—Easter Sunday—as the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Many Republicans and religious conservatives called the decision “outrageous and abhorrent.” (More)

The Colorado GOP selected former mayor Greg Lopez to appear on the June 25 special ballot to complete the term of retired 4th District Rep. Ken Buck. If successful, Lopez has no plans to seek reelection. (More)

Tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated Saturday night in front of the military’s headquarters in Tel Aviv in the biggest protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack. (More)

Journalists have been told to stop stealing items from Air Force One after a recent inventory showed that branded pillowcases, glasses, and gold-rimmed plates were missing from the press section. (More)

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Police were searching on Sunday for Kansas City Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice as part of an investigation into a major car accident in Dallas involving a Corvette and a Lamborghini racing each other and injuring others. (See Dashcam Video)

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Joey Gase blamed Dawson Cram, another driver, for sending him into the wall at the Richmond Raceway. He removed his rear bumper cover and threw it at Cram’s car as it rounded the track. (See Video)

➤ The men’s NCAA Final Four has been set, whittled down from the 16 that started this weekend’s round. It will be Alabama vs. Connecticut, then Purdue vs. North Carolina State next Saturday. (See Schedule)

➤ In the women’s NCAA tournament, two games remain tonight in the Elite 8 competition to determine the Final Four. The big game will be tonight’s rematch of last year’s LSU victory over Iowa for the national championship. (See Schedule)

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➤ AT&T says it’s investigating a data breach of their network, resulting in the personal information of 73 million current and former customers being published to the dark web. (More)

➤ Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the Fed still wanted to see more evidence of inflation coming down before they decide when to cut interest rates this year. (More)

America’s largest uranium producer is ramping up mining work just south of the Grand Canyon on a controversial project that’s sat dormant for 40 years. (See Map)

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Science & Technology

An artist used artificial intelligence and volunteers with terminal cancer to generate positive images of scenes that might have happened in their lives if they weren’t terminally ill. (See Images)

 The new European Hyperloop Center opens Tuesday, featuring a 1,400-foot white steel tube that will serve as a testing ground for developers of high-speed magnet-induced hyperloop transportation. (See Photo)

The Hubble Space Telescope observed hundreds of individual stars over three years, producing a trove of stellar data and an image of 500 blue and red stars. (See Image)

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Monday Manifest

➤ On Monday, California’s new $20 minimum wage for fast-food workers goes into effect, the highest of any state in the U.S. Analysts will be watching to see how it affects employment long-term. (More)

Thursday is the new deadline for former President Donald Trump to put up a $175 million bond in his New York civil fraud case, reduced by an appeals court from $464 million. Trump has said he will pay it. (More)

New TV shows premiere this week on the streaming services as April begins. Five new series are on tap for this coming week, including the new season of “Star Trek: Discovery.”  (See Schedule)

Et Cetera

➤ The World Nature Photography grand prize was awarded to a silvery action photo of seabirds hunting fish underwater. Awards went to a variety of striking images. (See Winners)

➤ Heinz has put up ketchup-dispensing billboards outside two fast-food restaurants in Chicago that refuse to serve its ketchup. Pulling the billboard’s handle dispenses packets of Heinz ketchup. (See Video)

 A viral video shows a woman disappearing while shopping in a Chinese store when a sinkhole opens beneath her and the floor collapses. She suffered fractures but survived. (See Video)

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This is an unprecedented situation and a big deal.”

—  Duncan Agnew, geophysicist on the need to add a “negative leap second” to Earth’s clocks later this decade.

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