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New York Gov. Kathy Hochul made a brief appearance at NYPD Jonathan Diller’s wake Friday where she was confronted, and onlookers cheered when she left. (See Photo)

 The EPA’s new emission standards for heavy-duty trucks, buses, and other large vehicles are meant to reduce pollution, but critics say the standards are unachievable and harmful to America’s supply chain. (More) 

 Biden administration officials say changes made to the race and ethnicity categories of the U.S. Census Thursday will help federal agencies better understand how programs serve Americans. (See Changes

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I’m medical scientist Clint Winters!

If you are using Ozempic, know someone who does or is considering… you need to read this to the very bottom.

This is GREED in the purest form

Ozempic is taking the world by storm for its ability to lower blood sugar and help with weight loss.

But, it’s expensive and comes with terrible side effects.

Which leads me to this BOMBSHELL

This all comes after a whistleblower testimony

During Ozempic testing, it was discovered that a natural alternative had the SAME powerful effects without side effects.

… And it could be produced at 1/10th the cost.

This was research that was SUPPOSED to be reported to the general public.

But, it wasn’t…

It was buried, much like the addiction rate during the opioid epidemic.

Why? Simply to protect billions in profit.

… And that is why I am writing you today

>>> Here is an UNCENSORED report about a natural alkaloid that has “drug-like” blood sugar & fat loss success without side effects.


➤ Boston Red Sox outfielder Tyler O’Neill became the first player in Major League Baseball to hit a home run in five consecutive opening-day games. “Baseball is a funny game,” O’Neill said. (See Video

➤ Oakland A’s fans, frustrated by the team’s plan to relocate to Las Vegas, boycotted Thursday’s season opener and called for ownership to either stay or sell the club. (See Video

The United Football League, the product of a merger between the USFL and XFL, will kick off its inaugural 10-week season today with a championship to be played June 16. (See Full Schedule

The second round of the NCAA 2024 men’s ice hockey tournament begins today as teams compete for a spot in the Frozen Four in St. Paul, Minnesota on April 11. (See Schedule

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THIS is the exact information Pharma NEVER wanted you to read.

I would read with a notepad or take screenshots so you can reference later if this gets pulled offline (it likely will)

>>> This is the blood sugar information Pharma does NOT want you to know

… And it could literally change your life.

Clint Winters, Medical Scientist

P.S. I would ensure you read this today. Research reports like this one are being censored all across the internet.

You need to get IN THE KNOW today! 

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Saturday Rewind

Ladies and Gentlemen: our most-clicked stories of the week. Enjoy!

#1: Ilia Malinin, an American teenager and figure skating prodigy, rewrote the figure skating record book by completing six quadruple jumps and winning the World Figure Skating Championship. (See Video

#2: Cathedrals, state capitol buildings, and palatial estates are featured heavily in Love Exploring’s list of the most beautiful buildings in every state. (See List

#3: Martha Stewart posted a photo on social media of a plated roast chicken with a lobster head, claws, and tail attached, prompting one follower to call it a “lobstrosity.” (See Photo

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Et Cetera

➤ Norway experienced a shortage of eggs, an Easter staple, during Holy Week, forcing “desperate” residents to cross the border into Sweden, where eggs were better stocked and cheaper. (More

A Mississippi woman with a penchant for rescuing animals opened her home to “Spider-Lamb,” a five-legged lamb in need of care. Despite some abnormalities, the lamb is expected to live a “normal-to-him” life. (See Video

➤ International airlines Air France, Air Canada, and others have hired master chefs or “culinary ambassadors” to develop new menus to attract travelers with options like chicken breast roasted in tarragon served with melting potatoes. (More

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“[It looked] like she was telling [Hochul] off. It didn’t look like the widow had a kind word to say.” 

A witness to the conversation between New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and the widow of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller. 

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