Tuesday, April 2, 2024


➤ Robert F. Kennedy Jr. collected enough signatures to be included on North Carolina’s presidential ballot in November. That’s the fifth state where RFK Jr. will be on the ballot. (More

➤ Multiple left-leaning staffers have quit Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman’s office in protest over Fetterman’s pro-Israel and anti-illegal immigration positions. (More

 The Florida Supreme Court approved a ballot initiative Monday to limit government intervention in abortion procedures this November while upholding Florida’s 15-week abortion ban. (More

➤ “Havana syndrome,” the mysterious illness that affected U.S. officials at the American Embassy in Cuba, has been linked to a Russian military assassination unit, according to a five-year media investigation. (More)  

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➤ Iowa beat LSU 94-87 to move to the women’s NCAA Final Four, led by Caitlin Clark’s 41 points and 12 assists. Clark had a hot hand, sinking a record-tying nine 3-pointers. (See Video

 United Football League kicker Jake Bates has received interest from NFL teams after making a game-winning 64-yard field goal to give his Michigan Panthers an 18-16 over the St. Louis Battlehawks. (See Video

➤ In other UFL kicker heroics, San Antonio Brahmas punter Brad Wing turned a fake field goal into a 40-yard touchdown pass to lineman Alex Mollette. (See Video)

Vontae Davis, a two-time Pro Bowl defensive back with the Indianapolis Colts, was found dead at his home in Florida Monday. He was 35 years old. (More

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Trump Media and Technology Group

➤ Big Stock Move: Shares of DJT, Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform, dropped 21% Monday on news that the company lost $58 million in the calendar year 2023. (More)

A federal court ruled that Google misled consumers about its “incognito” mode of browsing and ordered the destruction of billions of data records collected on users who thought they were anonymous. (More

➤ The United States Postal Service announced UPS will serve as its primary air cargo provider when the existing contract with FedEx Corp. ends Sept. 29. (More

Automakers Hyundai and Kia have reached out again to their 3.4 million car owners after a recall, issued six months ago, to repair a potential fire hazard that consumers have largely ignored. (More

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Science & Technology

➤ Scientists have named a new species of gecko, Cnemaspis vangoghi, due to the reptile having a color pattern resembling painter Vincent van Gogh’s famous “The Starry Night”. (See Photos

NASA released panoramic images of Mars captured by the Curiosity Rover showing the Gediz Vallis channel, a landscape feature thought to have been created by an ancient river. (See Video

➤ Arizona governor Katie Hobbs signed legislation declaring Pluto the state’s official planet, making a connection with Percival Lowell, the Flagstaff astronomer whose work led to Pluto’s discovery. (More

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➤ Its spring time! Check out this must-have gardening essential: Foxgloves. Get all the protection and safety you need without feeling like you’re wearing gloves at all. (See It Here
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Travel Tuesday

 Beer lovers rejoice: Here’s a guide to the 20 best breweries to visit across the United States, from the Yuengling Brewery, America’s oldest, in Pennsylvania to Cigar City Brewing in Tampa. (See List)

A small town in Illinois attracts tourists with a kitschy collection of the “World’s Largest Things,” including a giant chair, a humongous golf club, and enormous knitting needles. (See Photos)

The Federal Aviation Administration issued an alert for solar eclipse travel later this week, saying it will be the biggest travel week of the year so far. The FAA says to expect delays. (More)

Et Cetera

Archaeologists discovered the ruins of a medieval castle, complete with a moat and other artifacts, during the excavation of a hotel in northwest France. (See Photos

Albuquerque police released bodycam footage of officers on horseback chasing and apprehending a suspected shoplifter fleeing a Walgreens. (See Video

A Red-Bellied Black Snake, one of the most common venomous snakes in Australia, was discovered curled up in a shoe and removed from a Queensland home. (See Video

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This will mark an important first step along the road to reopening the port of Baltimore.”

—  Coast Guard Capt. David O’Connell, on opening a temporary channel in the Patapsco River Monday. 

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