Monday, April 15, 2024


➤ The House plans to change its schedule this week to take up an aid package for Israel in response to Iran’s Saturday attack. GOP leaders offered few details on what the proposal might contain. (More)

Twelve news organizations on Sunday urged Joe Biden and Donald Trump to agree to presidential debates. Trump has been urging early debates, but Biden hasn’t committed yet to any this year. (More)

Top cryptocurrency executives are backing a long-shot campaign to unseat Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. They’re donating to political unknown John Deaton, who fought the SEC over digital currency regulations. (More)

Google will begin removing links to California news websites for some Californians in response to a bill that would require it to pay a fee for connecting state residents to news sources. (More)

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Best Buy Introduces New Smart Home Category

The leading retailer in the distribution of Smart Home products has recently unveiled a new addition to its smart home lineup, Smart Shades.

There are A LOT of windows out there, and with only a small 10% of them being automated, this is a market that’s already worth billions with projected double digit growth for the next decade!

Recognizing this, Best Buy has made a huge bet on an innovative startup, and has already stocked their product in over 100 retail stores. This up-and-comer is RYSE, and for a limited time, you can invest in their vision of owning the Smart Shades industry.

Best Buy made similar bets on smart-home titans Ring and Nest, both of which saw billion-dollar exits at the hands of Amazon and Google.

Looking to follow in their footsteps, RYSE’s share price has grown by over 20X since it was founded, with significant room for growth as they capitalize on the increasing demand for its patented tech.

Learn how you can invest at just $1.50/share here.


The University of Denver hockey team won an NCAA-record 10th college national championship this weekend, beating No. 1-ranked Boston College 2-0. DU goalie Matt Davis made 35 saves to shut Boston down. (See Highlight)

The 2023-24 NBA regular season ended Sunday with a 15-game schedule that featured all 30 teams in a battle for playoff positioning. (See Playoff Picture)

The WNBA Draft opens tonight in Brooklyn, and fans will be in attendance for the first time. Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark is expected to be drafted first by the Indiana Fever. (See Draft Details)

➤ Atlanta Braves pitching ace Spencer Strider will miss the remainder of the season following elbow surgery to install an internal brace. (More)


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Optimism among small business owners is at its lowest point since 2012, with inflation cited as the biggest worry, according to a survey from the National Federation of Independent Business. (See Survey)

➤ “Civil War,” a hot-topic movie depicting a fictional civil war in modern America, opened at No. 1 this weekend with $25 million at the box office, the most this year for an R-rated film. (More)

➤ Nike plans to spend more on the upcoming Paris Olympics than any previous Games as the company tries to revive sales and compete against upstart rivals. (More)

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Why Best Buy is Doubling Down on the Smart Home

Smart home device shipments are booming, with smart lighting and shades leading the charge.

Like they did with Ring and Nest before it, Best Buy has hand-picked RYSE as the next innovator in this smart home category with a massive inventory rollout.

Through extensive retail distribution, and a growing number of deals in commercial real estate, RYSE is on the path towards making its brand synonymous with Smart Shades.

If you missed out on Ring and Nest and their billion-dollar acquisitions, this is your chance to secure your stake in the smart home market.

Invest in RYSE at $1.50/share.

Science & Technology

South Korea’s KSTAR nuclear reactor set a new fusion record after superheating a plasma loop to 180 million degrees for 48 seconds, breaking the previous world record of 31 seconds. (See Photos)

Scientists have discovered a bristle worm equipped with two enormous eyes 20 times the size of the worm’s head—so huge that at human scale they would weigh 220 pounds. (See Photo

SpaceX’s Starship, the largest rocket in the world, will eventually need to be up to 500 feet taller for a Mars mission, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said. That’s 20% bigger than it is now. (More)

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Monday Manifest

Today marks the start of jury selection in New York for Donald Trump’s so-called “hush-money” case. Trump will attend the trial, which is expected to last about six weeks. (More)

On Tuesday, the 2024 Olympic flame-lighting ceremony will take place at the temple of Hera in Greece. From there, it will be carried by hundreds of relay runners to France for the Paris Summer Games. (See Video)

Haiku Day tiptoes/onto April’s calendar/for all on Wednesday. (See National Haiku Day)

➤ Thursday, Netflix will give its 1st-quarter earnings report, following a strong report last quarter. Here’s a list of major earnings reports due this week. (See List)

Et Cetera

A man armed with a knife killed six people and wounded others on a rampage through an Australian mall. A police officer finally shot the man. (See Witness Interview)

 The 2024 Sony World Photography Awards released top contenders for outstanding photos of Earth’s natural beauty. Winners will be announced on April 18. (See Shortlist Nominees)

➤ Three new world records were set for the longest chain of beards, mustaches, and partial beards at the annual championship for facial hair fanatics. (See Video

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“We are meeting an empire of evil which wants to eradicate all values of the free world.”

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel Saturday. 

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