Monday, April 22, 2024


GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she intends to follow through on her motion to dismiss House Speaker Mike Johnson. She said his choices are to resign or “be vacated.” (More)

➤ Hundreds of anti-Israel students continued demonstrations at Columbia University this weekend, with at least three people being arrested, just two days after police arrested more than 100 students. (See Photos)

The man who set himself on fire outside the courthouse where Donald Trump is on trial has died from his injuries, police reported. (More)

An appeals court ruled that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton must face an attorney misconduct lawsuit by state regulators over a case he brought challenging the 2020 presidential election results. (More)

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Thirty more countries are lining up to join.

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➤ Tyler Reddick won the Geico 500 NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway Sunday after an ill-timed block by Michael McDowell caused a crash and opened the lane for Reddick’s win. (See Video)

➤ Former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel, the league MVP in 1969, died Saturday at 83. He was the NFL’s first Filipino-American quarterback. (See Photos)

LSU’s gymnastics team won the program’s first NCAA national championship Saturday, led by five gymnasts who scored at least 9.95 in their final rotation. (See Photos

Yesterday’s scores: MLB | NBA | NHL | PGA

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The long-awaited Bitcoin “halving” took place Friday night, cutting new Bitcoin issuance in half. The event happens roughly every four years and usually has little immediate effect, though it’s always led to huge rallies going forward. (More)

Nike is set to sign a sponsorship deal with basketball star Caitlin Clark worth up to $28 million, winning a hotly competitive auction against its sportswear rivals. (See Details)

Tesla cut prices by $2,000 on three of its five models in the U.S. this weekend, another sign of a weakening market for electric vehicles. Prices were reduced for the Model Y, Model S, and Model X. (More)

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Science & Technology

Pyrite, also known as “fool’s gold,” may turn out to be valuable after all. Researchers say they’ve found pyrite containing lithium, a crucial ingredient for modern battery technology. (More)

 Astronaut Andreas Morgan filmed a seven-minute tour of the International Space Station before he returned to Earth. It’s a rare opportunity to see how the astronauts live and work for months at a time. (See Video

Scientists have observed two lifeforms merging into one organism in lab setting. One researcher called the discovery “one for the textbooks.” (See Details)

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The Rotator
Monday Manifest

Tonight marks the first night of Passover, one of the major Jewish holidays, celebrating their flight from slavery in Egypt. (See Details)

➤ On Thursday, the Supreme Court will hear Donald Trump’s appeal claiming that presidents have immunity from criminal charges unless they’re been formally impeached and convicted. (More)

➤ The NFL draft begins Thursday night. The Chicago Bears have the No. 1 pick and are expected to choose USC quarterback Caleb Williams. (See Draft Order)

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Et Cetera

 The World Photography Organization announced its 2024 winners in various categories, including prize-winning shots of architecture, landscapes, and wildlife, among others. (See Photos)

A Pennsylvania school superintendent had a farm, and on this farm she had some lambs. Now she brings them to school so that third-graders can read to the little lambs, whose fleece is indeed white as snow.  (See Video)

➤ The long-lost first model of the USS Enterprise used in the credits of the original “Star Trek” TV series has finally returned home to the family of creator Gene Roddenberry after being found for sale on eBay. (See Photo)

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“The House is a rough and rowdy place, but Mike Johnson is going to be just fine.”

GOP Rep. Tony Gonzalez of efforts to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson.

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