Monday, April 8, 2024


➤ Police charged a man Sunday with setting a fire at the Vermont office of Sen. Bernie Sanders. The building suffered some damage, but no one was hurt. (More)

Donald Trump raised $50.5 million this weekend and is still seeking contributions from major donors, including Miriam Adelson, who, with her late husband Sheldon Adelson, gave $90 million in 2020. (More)

A pro-Palestinian protest at Pomona College led to 19 students being arrested by police. The college said the students were also subject to “immediate suspension.” (See Details)

Meanwhile, student protestors at Wellesley College met Hillary Clinton with pamphlets saying Clinton was the college’s “most beloved war criminal,” and that she has “blood on her hands.” (More)

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New Research: How You Age Isn’t Just Genetic

Aging happens to us all, but it turns out you have more control than you might think. That’s because only ~30% of aging is influenced by genetics; the rest is determined by your lifestyle. While choices like getting regular exercise, prioritizing sleep, and eating plant-based foods greatly impact overall health, scientists have identified a remarkable new molecule that could positively impact how we age.

Enter Urolithin A. Scientists discovered this potent molecule which directly targets how cells age by renewing the cellular engines in your body. Urolithin A is a key player in muscle function, a crucial piece of your aging journey – but 80%+ of Americans are missing out through diet alone. Good news: Mitopure® by Timeline, an incredibly effective, highly pure form of Urolithin A is now available in a daily supplement.

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➤ Purdue matches up against UConn tonight in the final battle for the men’s college basketball championship. Tipoff for the last 2024 March Madness contest is at 9:20 p.m. ET on TBS. (See Matchup)

Max Verstappen was back in the winner’s circle this weekend with his third straight victory at the Japanese Grand Prix. He was coming off a rare loss in the Australian Grand Prix last month. (See Photos)

➤ Star pitcher Stephen Strasburg retired from baseball this weekend. He helped the Washington Nationals to their first world championship in 2019 but has been on the injured list for years. (More)

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Zillow now predicts U.S. home prices will rise 3.5% this year, a sharp revision from its forecast late last year that home prices would fall. (See Home Prices Map)

Chick-fil-A has become the third largest restaurant chain in the U.S. by systemwide sales, up $3 billion in 2023 over 2022. The chicken leader’s sales per location more than double that of McDonald’s. (See Details)

P&G is recalling 8.2 million bags of its laundry detergent pods in the U.S. due to a packaging flaw that could be dangerous to children. (See Details)

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Can Your Mitochondria Slow Down Aging?

You’ve heard the mitochondria are the “powerhouses of your cells.” Did you know they also act as master regulators of cellular health, helping to keep us vibrant and healthy? But as we age, our mitochondria’s efficiency wanes, contributing to aging and the risk of chronic disease.

Mitopure® by Timeline helps renew your mitochondria to fight off age-related decline. Clinically tested, Mitopure delivers a potent dose of the healthy aging molecule Urolithin A to reliably support your cellular health. Try Mitopure today for 30% off with code TFO30.

Science & Technology

➤ Researchers have developed a wearable cap that interprets brain activity into actionable commands to allow users to perform complex computer tasks. (See Video)

 Scientists have discovered a planet outside the solar system that displays a rainbow-like pattern known as the “glory effect,” previously only seen once on one other planet: Venus. (See Image)

➤ Apple is reportedly considering an at-home autonomous robot butler that could follow users around to help with cleaning and also serve as a mobile video conferencing tool. (More)

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Constant aching and discomfort in your feet even when you’ve tried everything: normal exercise, drink enough water, and wear supportive shoes… These symptoms point to circulation issues causing blood & fluid to pool in the tissue around your feet and ankles. Fortunately, Swiss doctors found that seniors with high levels of a “hidden” antarctic nutrient had significantly lowered blood-flow risks. (More)
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Monday Manifest

 On Wednesday, the U.S. House will send its impeachment charges against Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the Senate for judgment. (See Details)

➤ Thursday brings the first round of the 2024 Master’s Golf Tournament in Augusta, Ga. Early odds have Scottie Scheffler as the 5-1 favorite to win and Rory McIlroy second at 10-1. (More)

Friday will be a big day for financial reports from giant banks, with earnings set to be released by Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, BlackRock, and CitGroup. (More)

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➤ Its spring time! Check out this must-have gardening essential: Foxgloves. Get all the protection and safety you need without feeling like you’re wearing gloves at all. (See It Here

Et Cetera

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 on its way to Houston had to return to Denver airport for an emergency landing after a piece of engine cowling  detached and flapped during the flight. (See Video)

British charity fund-raiser Russ Cook completed a year-long run on Sunday from the southern tip of Africa to its northern coast, covering 10,000 miles across 16 countries in 352 days. (See Video)

A Powerball player in Oregon won the $1.3 billion jackpot Sunday, the first Powerball winner in three months. The single ticket has a cash value before taxes of $621 million if taken as a lump-sum payment. (More)

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“The Gaza war is entering a new phase, one that will still last long, but may be of lesser intensity.” 

—  Michael Horowitz, intelligence consultant, on Israel’s withdrawal from southern Gaza.

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