Tuesday, April 9, 2024


The Justice Department refused to comply with Monday’s deadline by House Republicans to turn over the full audio of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s interviews with President Biden. (More

Former President Donald Trump released a video giving his position on abortion, saying abortion limits should be left to the states. He didn’t endorse a national ban. (More

➤ Officials from the U.S., Israel, Egypt, and Qatar are expected to meet this week to negotiate a potential ceasefire agreement and another round of prisoners-for-hostages swaps between Israel and Hamas. (More

➤ San Francisco lawmakers have backed potential legislation allowing residents to sue grocery stores that decide to close neighborhood stores if they don’t give six months’ advance notice. (More

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Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari is leaving the Wildcats and signing a five-year $8 million deal with the Arkansas Razorbacks. (More

The Baseball Hall of Fame will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hank Aaron’s 715th home run in May with a bronze statue of the slugger on the first floor of its museum in Cooperstown. (More

Tiger Woods, a five-time Masters winner, will make his 26th appearance at the tournament and attempt to make the cut for a record 24th consecutive time. (More

A PGA Tour volunteer took a tumble on TV Sunday while trying to avoid an errant drive. He jumped up and bowed to the cheers of spectators and hilarity in the announcing booth. (See Video


Trend LineMarket Report   04/08/2024

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Apartment Income REIT Corp.

➤ Big Stock Move: AIR Communities stock soared 22% Monday on news that Blackstone was acquiring the rental apartment giant for $10 billion. (More)

Uber and Lyft announced they will stop serving the Minneapolis area after an ordinance increasing driver pay for ride-hailing companies takes effect in May. (More

➤ Shares of Tesla jumped 5% Monday after CEO Elon Musk announced it would debut an autonomous robotaxi vehicle in August. (More

➤ Taiwan-based TSMC was awarded $6.6 billion from the U.S. government, with the potential for $5 billion more in loans, to support a $65 billion investment in three cutting-edge fabrication plants in Phoenix. (More

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Science & Technology

Apple struck a reported $50 million deal to license millions of images from Shutterstock in order to train its artificial intelligence models. (More

The International Space Station was captured on film, for the first time, crossing the Sun by the same photographer who was the first to photograph it crossing the Moon. (See Photos

Black, Brown, White, and Red Widow spiders and the aptly named Goliath Birdeater Tarantula are some of the spiders scientists consider to be among the 25 most dangerous in the world. (See Photos

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Constant aching and discomfort in your feet even when you’ve tried everything: normal exercise, drink enough water, and wear supportive shoes… These symptoms point to circulation issues causing blood & fluid to pool in the tissue around your feet and ankles. Fortunately, Swiss doctors found that seniors with high levels of a “hidden” antarctic nutrient had significantly lowered blood-flow risks. (More)
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Travel Tuesday

A new list highlights extreme vacation spots where you can spend your night sleeping on the side of a cliff, in a lighthouse or an aquarium, or even an oil rig or an abandoned prison. (See List and Photos)

➤ The National Park Service ranked the nation’s most popular national parks in 2023, with Great Smoky National Park taking the top spot with over 13 million visitors. The least visited was Gates of the Arctic, with 11,000 visitors. (See List)

➤ Passport wait times are back down to the usual six to eight weeks, but travel experts have advice for people who need to expedite the process and get a new passport in two weeks. (See Tips)

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➤ Paingone Plus fits the power of TENS pain relief into a tiny, portable pen that anyone can use. It’s natural, fast-acting, and works almost anywhere on the body! (See It Here

Et Cetera

➤ An Alaska Airlines flight had to turn back after a lavatory sink overflowed and water flooded down the center aisle of the Boeing 737 Max 9 jet. The flight attendants used paper towels to try to mop up the water. (See Video

 Goats outnumber people six to one on the small Italian island of Alicudi, prompting the mayor to start an “Adopt-a-Goat” program to reduce the number of goats. (See Photos

➤ A Kentucky man admitted to faking his death by forging a death certificate to avoid paying $115,000 in child support to his ex-wife. (More

➤ A Palm Springs, California, mid-century modern home described as a “perfectly preserved time capsule” sold for $8.15 million in its first listing in 65 years. (See Photos

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“We had to close the runway to park planes.” 

—  Alyssa Connell of Southern Illinois Airport on how they dealt with heavy airplane traffic for Monday’s solar eclipse. 

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