Monday, February 12, 2024


➤ The Senate voted 67-27 to move forward with a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, working a rare Sunday shift to keep the bill moving through a maze of procedural hurdles. (More)

➤ Voters go to the polls Tuesday for the special election to replace expelled GOP Rep. George Santos. The tight race between Republican Mazi Pilip and Democrat Tom Suozzi is seen as a bellwether for November’s elections. (More)

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was rushed back to the hospital Sunday with bladder issues. Unlike his last stay, this time he notified the White House, Congress, and Pentagon officials. (More

➤ Wisconsin GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher said Saturday he wouldn’t run for re-election after four terms in office. Gallagher was one of three Republicans last week who voted against impeaching Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. (More)

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➤ Nebraska’s women’s basketball team upset No. 2 Iowa 82-79 Sunday, leaving Iowa’s Caitlin Clark just eight points short of the all-time women’s scoring record. Clark became the first to score 3,000 points with 1,000 assists. (See Video)

 Amazon has won exclusive rights to stream an NFL playoff game on Prime Video next season. The NFL tested the streaming of a playoff game earlier this season on Peacock, where it scored high viewership. (More)

 The often rowdy Waste Management Open hit a new level of craziness Saturday, marked by fights, drunken fans sliding across wet grounds, and golfers yelling at fans to shut up. One pro called it a “s—t show.” (See Videos)


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➤ Elon Musk’s Neuralink biochip company moved its legal home to Nevada from Delaware, part of Musk’s efforts to move his companies out of Delaware after a judge canceled his Tesla pay package. (More)

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos sold 12 million shares of his Amazon stock for roughly $2 billion, part of a plan to sell up to 50 million shares over the next year. He would still own about 12% of the company afterward. (More)

Global demand for silver is expected to reach a near-record high this year, according to the Silver Institute, which says silver prices could reach $30 an ounce from its current $22.4 an ounce. (More)

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Science & Technology

Oregon health officials said a resident was infected with the first case of bubonic plague since 2015. Officials said no additional cases have emerged of the infectious disease once known simply as “The Plague.” (More)

The Hubble telescope produced an image of newborn stars shining like a string of pearls stretched out at the tail end of merging galaxies. (See Image)

➤ A new type of four-legged robot known as “Robodog” is being used to patrol areas of the CERN particle-physics lab that wheeled or tracked robots couldn’t reach. (See Video)

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Tuesday marks the official celebration of Mardi Gras with parades and costumed parties in New Orleans and a number of other cities along the Gulf Coast. (See List).

➤ Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, and hopefully, you’re already set with the right card, candy, or gift for your significant other. If not, here are five good romantic comedies to snuggle to on Netflix. (See Movies)

Thursday brings Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis into court for a hearing to decide if the judge should disqualify her from Donald Trump’s case; she’s accused of hiding an inappropriate relationship with her lead prosecutor. (More)

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A dad saved his 4-year-old son from a would-be abductor at a CVS Pharmacy, fighting the kidnapper and grabbing his son back while the attacker fled. Police later charged the attacker with a felony. (See Video)

➤ The most expensive home for sale in the U.S. hits the market in Florida this week for $295 million. The 9-acre Naples compound spans about 11,500 square feet on a private peninsula. (See Photos)

Astronauts on the International Space Station celebrated Super Bowl Sunday by tossing a football in zero gravity. (See Video)

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“I slept like a baby last night: I woke up every two hours and wet the bed. This is terrible for Democrats.”

Paul Begala, Democratic Party strategist, on the Special Counsel’s report of President Biden’s memory problems. 

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