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 Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced a surprise U.S. Senate bid Friday. Hogan would become Maryland’s first GOP senator in 37 years if successful. (More)

The special counsel in Donald Trump’s Washington D.C. case has asked the judge to reconsider a ruling that would allow Trump’s legal team to reveal witnesses’ identities. (More)

Facebook and Instagram have blocked the account of Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for violating of their “Dangerous Organizations and Individuals” policy. (More)

➤ Donald Trump easily won the Nevada Caucus Thursday as expected, but his supporters had to wait in long lines to take part. At one site in Reno, a line of nearly 1,000 people waited 20 minutes after the polls opened. (More)

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Constant aching and discomfort in your feet even when you’ve tried everything: normal exercise, drink enough water, and wear supportive shoes… This is not only frustrating but possibly dangerous.

These symptoms point to circulation issues causing blood & fluid to pool in the tissue around your feet and ankles…

And could result in serious clots or devastating cardiac events. 

Fortunately, Swiss doctors found that seniors with high levels of a “hidden” antarctic nutrient had significantly lowered blood-flow risks.

This nutrient has been scientifically proven to:

  • Reduce your risk of developing dangerous blood clots by over 60%
  • Clear “high-risk” plaque from your arteries
  • Effectively lower triglycerides & cholesterol (High levels of triglycerides have been linked with fatty build-up in the artery walls.)

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➤ Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson won his second NFL MVP award Thursday. Jackson is the 11th player in NFL history to win the award more than once. (More)

The Dallas Cowboys hired former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer as their new defensive coordinator, replacing Dan Quinn, who left to coach the Washington Commanders last week. (More) 

Denver Bronco Randy Gradishar and Chicago Bear Steve McMichael were among the seven players selected for the 2024 Pro Football Hall of Fame on Thursday. (See Full List

➤ Three friends have attended all 57 Super Bowls. Now in their 80s, they will go to Las Vegas for number 58. Their goal is to make it to Super Bowl 60. (See Video

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You’ve tried the dietary changes recommended by a friend or doctor…

Yet you look down…

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You feel defeated. You’re ready to give up. Just accept that this is a part of aging and something you must learn to ignore…

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⇒ Leg Swelling in Aging: What to Know & What to Do

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Ladies and Gentlemen: our most-clicked stories of the week. Enjoy!

A married couple, both psychologists, said these six phrases can make a relationship stronger. (More

 Florida teenager reeled in a 250-pound Goliath grouper, and he has the photos to prove it. (See Photos)

➤ A puffin, a larval moray eel, and a sea lion were the subjects of winning photos in the 2023 Nature Photography Contest. (See Photos)

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Scientists believe the increased radiation in the Chernobyl area created a zone for mutated wolves that are resistant to cancer. (More) 

Contestants from around the world gathered in Colorado for the 33rd annual Snow Sculpture Championships and spent days building some stunning snow art. (See Sculptures)

Astronauts from Turkey, Italy, and Sweden returned to Earth following a three-week trip to the International Space Station. (See Video

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“I would not have done what Mike Pence did. I don’t think that was the right approach.”

— Rep. Elise Stefanik, a possible VP candidate for Donald Trump, on whether she would have certified the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

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