Monday, January 15th, 2024


Hunter Biden’s lawyer says his client is now willing to testify in a deposition-style hearing if the House issues a new subpoena. The offer comes after two House committees recommended Biden be cited for contempt. (More)

President Biden’s approval rating dropped to 33%, a record low for any president in the last 15 years, in a new ABC News/Ipsos poll. Donald Trump’s approval rating sits at 41%. (See Survey)

 The House GOP says it will push for punishment of any federal worker who walks off the job to join a pro-Palestinian protest tomorrow. Staffers at nearly two dozen agencies have said they plan to walk out. (More)

A federal judge ruled that a U.S. law barring people from carrying guns into post offices was unconstitutional. The ruling dismissed part of an indictment against a postal worker who brought a gun to work. (More)

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➤ In the NFC playoffs, the Packers had an easy 48-32 victory over the Cowboys while the Lions just edged past the Rams, 24-23. Here’s a look at next weekend’s brackets so far. (See Schedule)

In the AFC, the Texans romped over the Browns 45-14, and the Chiefs defeated the Dolphins 26-7 in the NFL’s 4th-coldest game. Texans’ rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud became the youngest QB ever to win a playoff game. (More)

The Chiefs game was so cold that quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ helmet cracked open after a tackle, and head coach Andy Reid’s mustache was dripping with icicles. (See Photos)

 Washington Huskies coach Kalen DeBoer will replace Nick Saban as head coach of Alabama’s Crimson Tide. DeBoer took Washington to the college championship game this year but lost to Michigan. (More)


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Microsoft is now the world’s most valuable public company after passing Apple in market valuation on Friday. Microsoft has a market cap of $2.89 trillion compared to Apple’s $2.87 trillion. (More)

➤ Paramount is looking to cash in on its blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick” film with a third “Top Gun” movie starring Tom Cruise, using the same writer, director, and co-stars. (More)

➤ The market for high-end Wagyu beef is expected to grow by $3.6 billion, or 7%, over the next few years due to increased Asian production and trade. A new report says the biggest obstacle is its high price. (More)

Reminder: The stock market and other federal services, including the Post Office, will be closed today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. (More)

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Science & Technology

➤ NASA unveiled its new X-59 “quiet supersonic” jet, designed to break the sound barrier without making a thunderous boom. Instead, it should sound more like a quiet “thump.” (See Video)

Mercedes’ new G-Class electric vehicle can do 360-degree synchronized turns, thanks to electric motors on each wheel. Four of the cars showed off the feature in choreographed spins in Las Vegas. (See Video)

Scientists have developed a trackpad chip that attaches to the roof of the mouth and functions like a computer mouse, allowing disabled users to use the “MouthPad” to scroll touchscreens using their tongue. (See Photo)

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Monday Manifest

Leaders from over 60 countries converge on Davos this week to discuss war and trade, including Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Israeli President Isaac Herzog. (More)

➤ NFL fans get a surprise double-header today, with the Bills-Steelers playoff game, delayed by weather from Sunday, scheduled for 4:30 ET, followed by the Eagles-Bucs game at 6:15. (More)

Frigid weather means more indoor time. Here’s a list of new shows and movies available on TV and in theaters this week. (See New Shows)

Et Cetera

➤ A Vermont state trooper plunged into icy waters to save a drowning 8-year-old in a feat captured on her body-cam. The child survived after several days recovering in the hospital. (See Video)

➤ A new photo project captures pictures of kids’ school lunches from around the world, including from U.S. school cafeterias. Take a look and see which lunch you’d prefer. (See Photos)

➤ A Tasmanian garden won the first-ever “World’s Ugliest Lawn” award for its parched moonscape of shriveled plants and pitted craters. The award is meant to encourage water-saving techniques. (See Photos)

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Have you ever played Tetris?

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“The thing about Iowa is that we don’t say that we’re the kingmaker. What we say is that we separate the contenders from the pretenders.”  

Tim Hagle of the University of Iowa on the value of the Iowa caucuses.

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