Tuesday, January 16th, 2024


➤ President Biden’s reelection campaign raised $97 million in the 4th quarter, a record amount for a Democratic presidential candidate at this point in the election. Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t released its 4th quarter total yet. (More)

➤ A record 3 million immigration cases are currently pending in courts around the United States, up from 2 million last year and triple what it was in 2019. It can take several years for a case to be heard. (More)

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was released from the hospital Monday after receiving treatment for prostate cancer. He came under fire for keeping his hospital stay secret from Congress and the White House. (More)

➤ Houthi rebels say they’ll expand their targets to include U.S. ships after America and Britain struck a number of Houthi bases. On Monday, a missile from the group hit a U.S.-owned commercial ship. (More)

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The Tampa Bay Bucs blew past the faltering Philadelphia Eagles 32-9 Monday night and advanced to next week’s divisional playoffs. That round will be joined by the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, who had byes this week. (See Schedule)

In the AFC, the Buffalo Bills ran over the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-17 in their Monday game, delayed from Sunday. The highlight:  A 52-yard touchdown run by Bills quarterback Josh Allen. (See Video)

Bills fans pitched in to help clear three feet of snow from the stadium before the game. It wasn’t all work, at least not for the shirtless man who slid down the chute he was supposed to be dumping snow in. (See Video)

J.J. McCarthy, quarterback for Michigan’s No. 1 championship team, will skip his senior season at Michigan and enter the NFL draft this year instead. (More)


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S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Wipro Limited

➤ Peacock’s coverage of the Kansas City Chiefs/Miami Dolphins playoff game set a new streaming record in the U.S., reaching 27.6 million viewers. (More)

The world’s first trillionaire could show up within a decade, according to Oxfam International. The wealth of the five richest men in the world has gone up 114% since 2020 but still totals less than $1 trillion combined. (More)

Apple redesigned its new watches to remove medical monitoring features. The move let the company avoid an import ban based on charges it infringed another company’s monitoring patents. (More)

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Science & Technology

An Arizona experimental philosopher set up a novel “millennium camera” overlooking a desert landscape that will take a 1,000-year exposure to show how the landscape changes over 10 centuries. (More)

➤ Cartographer Robert Szucs has created detailed color-coded maps that trace thousands of rivers according to how they drain into the oceans. The maps are in demand as artwork as much as they are for science. (See Maps)

Volcanic lava flows in Iceland have slowed after a new eruption this weekend burned down homes in Grindavik. Volcanologists say the area could be entering a period of frequent eruptions. (See Video)

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Travel Tuesday

➤ Tired of lists of the same old touristy places everyone visits? Thrillist has instead put together a photo gallery of some of the most beautiful places in the world hidden in plain sight. (See Photos)

➤ Winter air travel snafus have more people considering car travel instead. But getting caught driving in a winter storm brings its own problems. Here are eight tips for being prepared. (See Winter Driving Tips

➤ The world’s most powerful passports are those offering access to the most countries without a visa. The U.S. ranks seventh, with visa-free access to 188 countries. Six nations tie for first with 194 visa-free destinations. (See Ranking)

Et Cetera

Dan Marburger, the Perry, Iowa, high school principal shot while confronting a gunman during a school shooting, has died of his injuries. The state lowered flags to half-staff, saying Marburger “acted selflessly and put himself in harm’s way” to protect students. (More)

The 5th annual Close-up Photographer of the Year competition celebrated some extremely striking and detailed images from the natural world. (See Photos)

A record 131 puppies from 73 shelters will play in Puppy Bowl XX on Feb. 11, an adorable companion to the NFL’s Super Bowl that day. Here’s a look at some of the very cute competitors. (See Photos)

➤ The Flyover was apparently gliding on auto-pilot yesterday when it inadvertently published a year-old list of TV shows to watch. Here’s what’s actually new on TV this week for your viewing pleasure. (See Lineup)

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“As I heard of a gunman, I instantly had a feeling my Dad would be a victim as he would put himself in harm’s way for the benefit of the kids and his staff. That’s just Dad.” 

Claire Marburger, daughter of the Perry, Iowa, high school principal who died after being shot during a school shooting.

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