Monday, March 18, 2024


Several key special elections are taking place in state primaries on Tuesday. In California, nine candidates are competing to replace former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and in Ohio, five candidates are vying to replace GOP Rep. Bill Johnson. (See Details)

The Biden campaign raised $53 million last month and now has $155 million cash on hand for the 2024 election. The Trump campaign hasn’t released its February figures, but the two major Trump committees said they had $36.6 million on hand in January. (More)

➤ Vladimir Putin won reelection with 87% of the vote in Russia’s heavily controlled presidential election, but thousands protested the election at polling stations and Russian embassies worldwide. (More)

A Texas grandmother thrown in jail after criticizing local city officials will have her case heard in the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday. Sylvia Gonzalez is suing Castle Hills officials for violating her First Amendment rights. (See Video)

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➤ The Chicago Bears traded quarterback Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he’ll likely play behind newly acquired QB Russell Wilson. The Bears, with the No. 1 draft pick, are now expected to choose USC quarterback Caleb Williams. (More)

Scottie Scheffler, the world’s No. 1-ranked golfer, became the first to win the Player’s Championships two years in a row. Scheffler came from five strokes back to win by one stroke at 20 under par. (More)

 No. 7 Iowa State beat No. 1 Houston 69-41 to win the Big 12 tournament, the largest margin of victory over a No. 1 team since 1968. (More)

The Kansas City Current women’s team won the opening game in the new CPKC stadium, the first stadium in America built specifically for a National Women’s Soccer League team. Season tickets are already sold out. (See Photos)


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The National Association of Realtors announced a $418 million settlement of a class-action suit over real estate commissions that could dramatically change how home buyers and sellers pay their agents. (See Details)

Apple agreed to pay $490 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed CEO Tim Cook defrauded shareholders in 2019 by concealing falling demand for iPhones in China. (More)

➤ A New York Federal Reserve study lists the 16 worst-paying college majors five years after graduation. Liberal arts and performing arts majors lead the lists, with median salaries of $38,000 after five years. (See List)

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Flyover states are known for their love of America.

That is exactly why we wanted to highlight 12 American made products that solve real problems for everyday Americans. Check out the list and support these businesses today.

Health products to gadgets for your cars to make simple tasks easier.

See the list below. 

Science & Technology

Iceland declared a state of emergency after its fourth volcano eruption in three months on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The lava flowed just 650 feet from the region’s water distribution pipe. (See Video)

A blood test to screen for colorectal cancer accurately detected the malignancy in 83% of people who had the disease. Doctors say it could help for people who reject colonoscopies or stool-based testing. (More)

 Toxic “blue dragons,” beautiful Pokemon-looking sea creatures that sting with a painful poison, are washing up on Texas beaches just in time for spring break. Biologists are warning beach-goers not to touch the creatures. (See Photos)

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Scientists recently discovered a little-known nutrient that dramatically reduces joint pain, fights inflammation and improves your joint, heart and brain health… in as little as 7 days… Unlike Ibuprofen and painkillers, this food has no side effects. It ALSO protects your heart and helps prevent memory loss… (See It Here)  

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Monday Manifest

Tuesday marks the official first day of Spring, otherwise known as the vernal equinox. It’s the first day since the winter solstice on Dec. 21 when there’ll be more daylight than darkness. (How the Equinox Works)

Reddit, a social content platform, will make its long-awaited IPO debut on Thursday at a valuation of $6.4 billion, or a per-share price of $31-$34. (More)

An array of new TV shows and movies arrive on streaming services this week, led by the new Netflix science-fiction series “3 Body Problem” this Thursday. (See TV Lineup)

Et Cetera

A man who paid $20 for a pile of discarded films found a 1923 silent film starring Clara Bow, one of the era’s biggest stars, in a film not seen in perhaps 100 years. The movie will premiere next month at a silent film festival. (See Video)

➤ The Sony World Photography Awards announced winners in a dozen categories for best wildlife pictures, including a breathtaking image of a jaguar attacking a crocodile. (See Photos)

➤ An Australian horticulturist set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest blueberry ever grown. The berry weighs over 20 grams, about 70 times the size of an average wild blueberry. (See Video)

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 “I would never believe that I would be going to the Supreme Court. I would never believe that I was in jail, either.” 

Texas grandmother Sylvia Gonzalez on her Supreme Court hearing this week, claiming city officials jailed her for criticizing them.

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