Monday, March 25, 2024


➤ NBC News has hired Ronna McDaniel, former head of the Republican National Committee, as a political analyst for NBC and MSNBC. Despite some protests from NBC staff, she debuted Sunday on “Meet the Press.” (More)

A majority of Americans think it likely we’ll have another world war within the next decade and that the U.S. and its allies will likely win, whether it’s against China, Russia, or both, according to a new YouGov survey. (See Poll)

Sen. Bob Menendez says he won’t run in the Democratic primary while facing federal corruption charges. He left open the possibility that he would run as an independent later this year if exonerated. (More)

New York’s attorney general can begin seizing assets of former President Donald Trump today if he doesn’t come up with a $464 million bond. Experts say his other main option is to declare bankruptcy. (More)

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  • Cash is over — Everything will need to be bought and sold electronically.
  • Privacy is over —  All transactions will go through the government. They would know exactly how much you spend and on what.
  • Freedom is over — If you support the wrong cause, you can be penalized, or simply lose all your funds with the click of a button.
  • Retirement funds are over — They could force you to spend your savings to pump up the economy by applying negative interest rates.

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➤ Max Verstappen’s Formula One winning streak ended Sunday after his car lost power and exploded as he pulled into the pits, spewing black smoke. The crew extinguished the flames, but his race was over. (See Video)

 Florida Atlantic basketball coach Dusty May has been hired as Michigan’s new men’s basketball coach at Michigan after winning 60 games over the past two seasons at FAU. (More)

 A British runner became the first woman to finish one of the world’s hardest ultramarathons, a Tennessee race covering 100 miles and 60,000 feet of climb-and-descent. She finished just before the 60-hour deadline. (See Photo)


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China introduced guidelines Sunday to phase out use of U.S. microprocessors from Intel and AMD in government computers and servers. The guidelines also seek to sideline the Windows operating system. (More)

➤ State Farm Insurance says it will discontinue coverage for 72,000 homes in California this summer, nine months after announcing it wouldn’t issue any new home policies in the state due to soaring costs and outdated regulations. (More)

➤ The Federal Aviation Administration issued an exemption to allow farmers to use a “drone-swarm” method to seed and spray crops at a fraction of the traditional cost. (See Video)

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Your freedom is under attack: Like China, Joe Biden authorized a “Digital Dollar” Turning your savings into ‘spyware’ that can search your bank accounts, dictate what you purchase and the causes you support… And delete everything with the click of a button.

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Science & Technology

A Russian Soyuz rocket with three astronauts aboard launched successfully on a mission to the International Space Station. On its first attempt last week, the launch was aborted at the last second. (See Photo)

A top panel of geologists has rejected the concept of a new human-induced “Anthropocene” era in Earth’s history, which would have begun with the nuclear age in the 1950s. (More

➤ Nvidia announced a “moonshot” effort to embed artificial intelligence in humanoid robot form. A Nvidia video outlines how that journey has progressed, beginning with 1950s-era robot images. (See Video)

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Monday Manifest

➤ On Tuesday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. plans to announce a running mate for his presidential campaign. Candidates he’s floated include NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura. (More)

Wednesday marks the 15th annual celebration of International Whiskey Day, a day to enjoy a new whiskey for yourself or introduce a newcomer to the drink. (See Whiskey Day History

➤ On Thursday, Major League Baseball begins its full season with 15 Opening Day matchups across the U.S. Here’s the schedule and pitching lineup. (See Lineup)

Et Cetera

A New York mother battled a masked man trying to kidnap her daughter down four flights of stairs as neighbors joined in the fight. The man was arrested, and the rescued daughter is recovering from injuries. (See Video)

Martha Stewart is taking heat on social media for posting a photo of a terrifying roast-chicken-and-lobster dinner that her critics are calling a “lobstrosity. (See Photo)

 A 200-year-old Polish beech tree nicknamed “Heart of the Garden” has won the 2024 European “Tree of the Year” award. It’s the third Polish tree in a row to win the contest. (See Photos)

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Poll Position

How likely is a world war is in the next 5-10 years?

  1. Very likely
  2. Somewhat likely
  3. Not sure
  4. Not very likely
  5. Not at all likely

Saturday’s Results:

At what age did you get married?

  1. 21 or under: 27.2%
  2. 21-30: 47.6%
  3. 31-40: 11.2%
  4. 41-50: 4.7%
  5. 50 or over: 3.9%
  6. Never: 5.2%

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“I understood that if I didn’t react, I would lose my life and the lives of many people. Honestly, it was very scary.”

—  Islam Khalilov, 15, a cloakroom attendant who saved 100 people during Friday’s terror attack in Moscow. 

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